ComportSecure, The Power of Protection

Today IT departments face many challenging scenarios. How to modernize and innovate when “keeping the lights on” consumes staff time and budget? How to prevent operational disruptions? How to speed up service delivery?

Many IT organizations feel increased pressure to contribute to the strategic goals of the business, driving the need for agility and the requirement to leave traditional maintenance expenses and tasks behind.

Meet ComportSecure Cloud Services

We share your work with “as a Service” solutions that take advantage of our in-house team of backup, recovery, and infrastructure experts. Flexible infrastructure consumption models modernize your IT purchases and stretch your budget. Monthly payments replace capital-intensive infrastructure purchases. World-class ComportSecure services include:

  • Backup as a Service
    Trust your backups. Ensure backup reliability, availability, and recoverability from man-made or natural disasters by hosting all or part of your backups with ComportSecure, for both short and long term retention.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
    We have your back when disaster strikes. Reliable recovery and access, tested to achieve your RPO and RTO for critical data, systems, and applications. Avoid expensive capital investment while maintaining 24/7 data availability.
  • Infrastructure as a Service
    Hardware refreshes are over! Hosting your infrastructure in ComportSecure’s Tier III+/Tier 4 data center meets the highest levels of redundancy, availability, performance, compliance and security.
  • Managed IT Services
    Stop maintaining. Start innovating. Transition staff from routine jobs to strategic initiatives. ComportSecure’s tailored support provides infrastructure management and help desk support.

ComportSecure Cloud Services: Tailored to Fit

Cloud-based solutions enable a range of flexible services that simply didn’t exist before. ComportSecure’s managed and support services can remove routine tasks from your IT team, safeguard data, ensure recovery capabilities, and manage existing infrastructure. With cost-effective solutions billed monthly, achieving your strategic and data protection goals becomes realistic.

  • Your Environment, Protected
    Your critical systems, applications, and data are safeguarded. Physical or virtual infrastructure, even cloud applications such as Office 365 are protected with ComportSecure.
  • Reduced Downtime
    Our data protection solutions ensure your mission critical business operations can be restored on demand in as little as minutes.
  • Flexible Managed Services
    Mix and match the level of monitoring, management, and security. Customize support for backup & recovery, applications, infrastructure, and end-users.
  • Optimal Performance
    Whether you are restoring from or to the cloud, ComportSecure’s cloud solutions are designed to provide the speed and agility to keep your business operating.
  • What you need, when you need it
    From storage, to compute, to the tier of recovery and infrastructure services required, we deliver in your time of need.
  • Reduce Capital Cost
    Eliminate expensive capital investments and over-provisioning with pay as you go resources for the services you need.

Build Confidence with Customized Data Protection

With 30+ years of experience, Comport is an award-winning provider of modern Data Center, Cloud, Mobility and Managed Services. Comport understands the operational, compliance, and recoverability demands of today’s fast-paced organizations. ComportSecure’s Cloud Services use enterprise-caliber technology and expertise in planning to deliver superior data protection and reliability.

Technology assessments can help you make more informed IT decisions

Research your next IT move with a technology assessment from Comport’s in-house experts that can inform how you can best leverage our cloud services.

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