Intelligence in the Data Center

The growth of data is certain to escalate, yet routine management tasks have not decreased.  Unexpected outages mean late nights, frustrated users, poring over logs, escalations and finger-pointing. This is not a pretty picture! Your data center needs to be smarter, and take care of issues on its own. With HPE Infosight, 86% of issues are automatically resolved before bad things happen, through its Artificial Intelligence, global cloud-based machine learning and predictive analytics. Using data from millions of sensors each second, Infosight creates a continuous process of protecting, healing and sharing across the vast HPE installed base.

By the way, InfoSight is free and spans HPE storage, compute, networks, hyperconverged and composable.  Cross-stack telemetry brings VMware, Oracle, SQL Server and Exchange into the ecosystem.  InfoSight drives automated reliability, relieves staff for other work, and improves application performance. Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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With a proven track record in infrastructure, we can help you create a more intelligent data center.

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Comport’s technical team provides advice to HPE, helping them modernize their data center technology.

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Comport creates relationships to last. Our platinum partnership with HPE spans decades.

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