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A Modern Data Center Designed for AI and Evolving Workloads

Get the scalability and performance you need for modern data needs, including AI. Streamline and simplify with hyperconverged infrastructure. Combine compute, networking and storage for a modern, tightly integrated single platform.

Our team of IT experts and thought leaders are driven to find innovative and scalable data solutions that fit the best for your business goals.

Transform your data systems with hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

    HPE Superdome Flex


    Hyperconverged infrastructure provides a nimble environment that eliminates the silos and staff specializations inherent in traditional IT infrastructures.

    With hyperconverged infrastructure you’ll see lower costs, faster deployment and easier expansion without the worry of compatibility issues. HPC solutions also allow you to process huge volumes of data quickly and securely enabling the next generation of AI Solutions.

    Comport’s Experts Have Your Back

    Comport provides end-to-end data center solutions optimizing clients’ technology investments with our partnerships and in-house expertise. Comport’s specialized partnerships with AI and HPC focused companies such as HPE, HighFens and DST gives our clients the ability to drive successful results with custom solutions for their business needs.

    We invest in the best people, ongoing training, thought leadership, and a portfolio of trusted technology and solution partnerships. 40+ years of best practices and a highly vested, go-the-extra-mile culture foster long-term and new client relationships. 

    HPC Expertise

    Partner Excellent CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE


    Hardware, services and enterprise software are important, but only humans —specifically curious and dedicated ones – can take solutions to the highest level. That is Team Comport.


    We go beyond putting ourselves in clients’ shoes. Key members of our team have walked the talk. For example, our Healthcare Solutions CTO is a former Healthcare CIO.


    Businesses that succeed in this day and age collaborate with a technology partner who understands your challenges and works hard to ensure that every solution is utterly sound. We say “yes we can” when we are positive that it can be accomplished on time, on budget, beyond goal.


    Our goal for every project is the same: provide inspired solutions with a peace of mind that allows you to focus on what you do best – the core business. We look past the immediate, to be sure we cover your back.


    Our motto is simple – you must learn everything before you do anything. We offer solutions when we understand your business.


    From our President to the newest employee, we are an extremely aligned, engaged and a laser-focused organization. We design and build optimal systems to efficiently manage, protect and access critical enterprise data.

    Top Benefits of HPE Alletra Storage

    Scalability for Smoother Operations

    You deserve data and cloud solutions that can scale with your business. With HPE Alletra’s scale-to-fit model, you can use four arrays for more predictability and less disruptive scalability. Grow your storage with your business while maintaining on-demand access using HPE Alletra.

    Resilience Decreases Downtime

    No one wants to experience downtime, or the negative effects it can have on your business. HPE InfoSight allows the HPE Alletra to offer more resilience against downtime while improving data array performance and reliability over time.

    Efficient Backups for Better Data Management

    Data backup and recovery can be challenging, especially as your IT environment grows in complexity. HPE Alletra Storage can create more efficient backup strategies for intuitive, enhanced data management.

    Data Availability Up to 6x9s

    HPE Alletra is AI-driven, which allows for the prediction and prevention of disruptions to storage, services, and virtual machines (VMs). With the HPE Alletra 5000 and 6000, you’ll experience 99.9999% data availability, so your data is nearly always available for you — and your customers.

    Cost-Effectiveness to Meet Business Goals

    Industry-leading data efficiency, meet fast, consistent performance. Using flash performance and modern architecture, HPE Alletra Storage provides space savings and speed for more cost-effectiveness over time.

    Automation Drives Reliability and Efficiency

    Smarter storage means more efficient operations. HPE Alletra utilizes HPE InfoSight, which can diagnose and avoid issues before they arise, as well as identify virtual resources that could be maximized. The result? Improved quality of data storage over time.

    as-a-Service Offers Flexibility

    Access the data infrastructure you need, when you need it. Instead of owning and maintaining your own data infrastructure, as-a-Service consumption with HPE GreenLake prevents provisioning concerns while providing transparent, predictable costs to align with business needs.

    Cloud Services for Added Benefits

    HPE Alletra utilizes HPE GreenLake, a consumption-based IT model that offers flexible cloud services for edge-to-cloud computing. HPE Alletra is your “everything upgrade.”

    Protect and Secure Your Data

    Threat actors are increasingly common, making privacy concerns, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity all more important. HPE Alletra Storage is equipped with data protection mechanisms like RAID configurations and encryption to keep your data secure.


    Ready for a Modern,
    Flexible Data Solution?

    Hyperconverged infrastructure can provide you with a competitive advantage. Get the guidance and support for a HPC platform that you need from an experienced partner with over 40 years in the industry. Comport can tap into our experts and our partner expertise to bring you the solutions you need.