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HPE Superdome
Flex for Epic

The Superdome Flex from HPE provides unparalleled performance, flexibility, security, and scalability for your Epic EHR.

HPE Superdome Flex

    Solve Your EHR Challenges with HPE Superdome Flex

    Patient data is the lifeblood of healthcare organizations and must be continuously available for patient care and uninterrupted operations. With HPE’s Superdome Flex, validated for Epic environments, your environment is highly available, dependable, and provides secure access to critical information.

    HPE Superdome Flex Cluster
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    Why Superdome Flex for Healthcare

    From genomics to patient data, information is multiplying exponentially. It’s no wonder that older systems cannot keep up with increasing demands. HPE Superdome Flex was designed with the unparalleled ability to start small and expand as your needs grow. This system was built with a modular design for diverse, data-intensive, and converging workloads. Additionally, the Superdome Flex system has embedded chip-level and supply-chain security, helping to prevent ransomware and other cybersecurity threats. Finally, Superdome Flex is ideal for tackling or accelerating progress with your AI programs.

    Why Comport

    Healthcare organizations looking to meet new Epic requirements, reduce IT costs, or improve EHR performance are ideal candidates to learn more about HPE Superdome Flex. For decades, Comport’s specialized expertise has assisted healthcare organizations in finding the right solutions for their data, security, and compliance requirements. Our team works with you to first understand your processes, then to find solutions that fit — not the other way around.
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    Top Benefits of HPE Superdome Flex for Healthcare

    Validated for Epic

    HPE has validated its infrastructure to run the Caché database supporting Epic’s preferred Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) scale-up application architecture and to meet Epic’s Honor Role requirements on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) and VMware.

    Grow at your Own Pace

    The unique modular design of the HPE Superdome Flex provides a scalable solution for healthcare organizations that allows growth as you need, without overprovisioning, over-paying, and disruptive upgrades.

    Fast Insights

    When data is moved between servers, there is latency due to the time it takes to reassemble complex data sets. With HPE’s Superdome Flex scale-up architecture, a large shared-memory capacity improves timely insights as it removes the need to divide data sets and re-assemble after analysis.

    Licensing Cost Considerations

    The HPE Superdome Flex allows Epic customers to stay with the SMP architecture. This means that they don’t need to move to an Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP) (scale-out), which would dramatically increase the licensing costs and complexity of the solution.


    The HPE Superdome Flex was designed with inherent security features such as an “air-gapped” manageability subsystem that doesn’t allow suspect firmware updates from the operating system, and Silicon Root of Trust protection to enable the discovery of compromised firmware and prevent its execution.

    HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust is a designated “Cyber Catalyst,” products and solutions deemed effective by major insurers for reducing cyber risk. Organizations that adopt Cyber Catalyst-designated solutions may be considered for enhanced terms and conditions on cyber insurance policies. 

    Up-time for Mission-Critical Workloads with RAS Features

    Superdome Flex was built for mission-critical availability and was designed to support even the most taxing mission-critical solutions ranging from EHRs to SAP HANA®. One important feature is the power of analysis that comes with Superdome Flex, enabling self-repair without operator assistance. Finally, these breakthrough servers contain redundant components within the server to ensure reliable uptime.

    Managed Support & Migrations

    With the HPE Superdome Flex solution, both HPE and Comport have white-glove implementation services for fast installation. Migration assistance is also available. In addition, there are up to 24/7 support contracts to resolve any issues.

    Support for Persistent Memory

    Purpose-built to support Persistent memory, organizations can choose to run their system with all DRAM or a combination of DRAM and persistent memory. This is particularly useful in the case of SAP HANA test and development systems where restarts are common and waiting for lost data to re-load can take hours.

    Simplified Management

    With a simplified management experience, tools such as HPE OneView, Insight Remote Support, and Proactive Care, as well as supporting open-source Redfish API and OpenStack, the HPE Superdome Flex enhances both IT and end-user experiences.

    Consumption Models

    Enjoy the Superdome Flex either on-premises or as-a-service. As a service options via HPE GreenLake and Comport Secure provide customized solutions aligned to your specific critical data needs.

    Ready to Create your Best EHR/HPC Environments?

    Learn how you can transform your EHR Infrastructure with HPE Superdome Flex. Let Comport guide you toward better patient care and physician satisfaction.