Why Aruba Unified Access Points (UAP) may just give your team a coffee break!

The old way of purchasing and deploying new access points with Aruba Wireless is on its way out. Aruba’s Unified Access Points (UAPs) allow a lot more flexibility than prior versions, gone are the days when you need to decide what model before you purchase. Aruba has updated their tech to let you decide what your AP will be when it grows up. If you want it to be standalone great, if you want it to become an instant AP, that works too. The only thing you need to ensure now is that you are acquiring the appropriate location for your deployment as the APs will be regionalized.

Ultimately, the update is so helpful that it will cut down work for your team—giving them a much-needed break from the research necessary to purchase, the time it takes to acquire, and the manual process of implementation. Aruba’s new AP updates may even allow your team to sit and have a coffee together (virtually, of course).

What Is an Aruba Unified Access Point?

Aruba’s new Unified Access Point, or UAP, has much more flexibility than prior options. Specifically, it is shipped with a manufacturing image that is based on the Instant image with reduced functionality (on purpose). Then, when it runs, it goes through a discovery phase to determine which operating mode is preferred. Essentially, it chooses whether it is going to be controller-based or controller-less AP—all on its own—based on your existing structure.

Aruba also offers Aruba Edge Services, which further unifies infrastructure to simplify management and drastically increase efficiencies throughout your entire organization. When these two powerful solutions are combined, they create a system that is leaps and bounds above prior network capabilities and competitors in our opinion.

The Benefits of Aruba UAPs

Purchasing Made Easy

Instead of purchasing just one model to meet your specific needs, you can now purchase a model in a way that allows it to be whatever model you want it to be. There is no more waiting for months for the Instant version, and you can make “on the fly” adjustments.
In the prior purchasing setup, you had to decide how you wanted to implement your network to choose the right AP SKU. They were either AP-XXX, RAP-XXX, or IAP-XXX, depending on your needs. Today, however, the purchase can be whatever you need it to be, making research, purchase, and implementation much more efficient and cost-effective.

Change AP Roles at Any Time

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Aruba UAP is that it can convert from a controller-based AP to an Instant AP at any time. This change originates from the controller GUI or CLI.

The process to make this change is actually fairly straightforward. Conversion requires just a few clicks or commands, depending on whether you are using the WebUI or the CLI.

Here’s a great visual to help you get the idea:

Unified Access point

Keeping Up with Joneses

Older networks simply cannot keep up with today’s demands on technology. The infrastructures were often not designed to handle the amount of information that now needs to be transmitted regularly.

Network infrastructure and operations teams are strained, sometimes to the breaking point (especially with the introduction of COVID). They have had to deal with a sharp increase in remote workers as well as a drastic uptick in various connected devices. Despite this increased demand, companies must provide secure connectivity to their workers, no matter where they are. The combination of services hosted in the cloud and data centers with significant information demands is creating operational complexities at a level that has never been seen before.
Thankfully, Aruba’s new unified structure helps with this increased demand with Zero touch Provisioning. They are making strides to simplify systems by allowing you to deploy a single architecture from Edge to cloud, providing seamless integration across wired, wireless, WAN, and VPN infrastructure. Aruba Edge Services provides a unified infrastructure that drastically improves IT efficiencies.

The new structure also features AI-based insights that not only spot potential problem areas but also fix them before they break down or cause security concerns. This type of technology decreases downtime and increases efficiencies. It also provides consistency across various network domains. One change in policy can easily be deployed and enforced across the entire service area.

These services can even be altered to fit virtually any size IT. Flexible deployment models help meet budget constraints while still providing outstanding service and structure. You or your management company can control most options from a single screen.

Get Started with Aruba UAPs and Aruba Edge Services with Comport

Aruba Unified Access Points are making IT solutions more agile, flexible, and efficient. With this increased efficiency, you are bound to save time and money—giving your team a coffee break!

To learn more about Aruba UAP or Aruba Edge Services, contact Comport. We can provide more information and even do a full wireless assessment to determine whether these solutions meet your needs. If the UAPs are not the right option for you, we will help you find some alternatives that work for your team. Contact us today.

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