Tackling a Server Refresh Project – Think Composable Infrastructure

It used to be that you could get away with a server refresh project once every five years. The drumbeat of obsolescence has increased its tempo lately, with three years the norm. Consolidating old servers and configuring new ones isn’t a task that’s made easier by its frequency. So how do you keep up with the prevailing tides? Some companies are turning to Composable Infrastructure – but what is it and why does its adoption signal a revolution in IT?

What are the concrete benefits of Composable Infrastructure?

  • Rapid Provisioning
    One major advantage of Composable Infrastructure is that it autoconfigures. When businesses have purchased server arrays in the past, they’ve been constrained—limited by the ecosystem of tools and appliances that are compatible with the array’s operating system. If an enterprise wishes to run an application that’s not tuned to its ecosystem, they’re in for some time-intensive configuration management. Composable Infrastructure, however, can automatically detect and configure infrastructure and resources to fit the needs of your applications.
  • Bridge the Gap from Older IT
    Composable Infrastructure is based on the idea that nearly every aspect of the data center can be abstracted and represented as code. Looking at this one way means that interoperability is now limitless—companies can in theory provision any endpoint or server with any operating system. This means that legacy systems can be easily tied into the modern data center hardware provided by HPE Synergy and powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.
  • Speed to Market/Innovation
    Launching a new application or service is hard work. With Composable Infrastructure, it’s a lot easier to keep your system stable and scalable.  Auto-configuration means that new hardware can be up and running to support your customers in moments. Automated error handling and integration means that your application will stand up under strain—even if it integrates systems of record from banks and insurance agencies.

Do the Numbers Back This Up?

When Hewlett Packard Enterprise first announced HPE Synergy in 2015, experts from Forrester Research predicted that it would herald a new era in hyper converged infrastructure. Since the platform’s official debut, that prediction has been borne out in fact.

The first HPE Synergy client was the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. Due to the intense requirements of their genomics research projects, the organization generates more than a petabyte of data per month. They turned to HPE Synergy to process that data at the same speed they were generating it.

As it turned out, HPE Synergy was so powerful and easy to use that Hudson Alpha began to run production workloads on it while their implementation was still in beta. HPE Synergy provided a simple storage architecture that was able to serve their intense data storage needs, while rapidly serving up user-specific workloads that supported scientists in their individual research projects.

Harness the power of Composable Infrastructure with Comport

So how do I know if this is right for my environment? Here’s a quick checklist from the experts at Comport Technology Solutions:

  • Are you looking to bridge the gap between resource silos?
  • Do you need to improve the availability of business-critical applications?
  • Do you need to rapidly provide access to large volumes of data for your employees?
  • Will you face the need to rapidly scale out your infrastructure based on demand?
  • Are you a small or medium size company looking to compete with larger companies?

As a 30-year veteran of the IT industry, and one of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Platinum Partners, Comport knows the data center and we can offer access to HPE resources that others can’t offer.

In an era that has already seen upheavals in IT convention, platforms like Synergy still have the power to astonish. The impact of a run-anything, do-anything platform has yet to be fully estimated. For information on how your organization can harness the power of Synergy.

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