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Business today is digital and must carry on 24/7.  An organization simply cannot survive without their data for any reason – from cyberattack to employee error to natural disaster. This is one of the most important measures of the robustness of infrastructure and operational excellence.

This goal is achieved through painstaking attention to detail and extreme planning to minimize vulnerabilities. The hardened, stable environment you need to ensure business continuity and the highest levels of reliability for your customers and employees does not occur by accident.  Protecting accessing your data is serious business!

ComportSecure’s services are deployed in data centers that are designed for synchronized maintainability – meaning that ours are out in front of the rest:

  • 100% Power uptime guaranteed
  • 2N+1 redundancy to ensure resource allocation and availability 24x7x365
  • 5 Security layers composed of physical and virtual to monitor and secure uptime resources
  • Multiple and Critical Availability SLAs to meet multi-faceted demands of an organization

Imagine having the capabilities and functionality of a Tier 5 Platinum data center without having to fund, build, staff, and manage it! ComportSecure provides this luxury for our clients.  Some advantages include:

  • Zero water requirement to remain operational
  • Outside air pollutant detection and protective response capable
  • Fault tolerant critical equipment and critical distribution paths for each system
  • Multiple stations at three separate, fully functional locations control and monitor facility for standby generation power

Data availability at levels you cannot imagine today can be yours.   Our experts are available to help, guide, plan, and advise. Your data and its availability are protected with the most secure and reliable infrastructure and processes. For more information take a look at our Enterprise Data Center Design & Sustainability information.

Remember – when undergoing due diligence, please investigate the many measures and components needed to ensure that your users receive optimal uptime. ComportSecure surpasses the requirements for safety, security, integrity and availability of your data.  We think you’ll be excited to see what’s available with ComportSecure, get maximum data center uptime today!

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