IT Infrastructure for EHR’s

When healthcare organizations are considering a new EHR solution, or upgrading an existing implementation, planning for the stability and reliability of your supporting healthcare infrastructure is key to overall performance and availability.  Even the best and most highly ranked EHR services and solutions simply cannot deliver effective clinical data without this solid foundation!

Comport Healthcare Solutions is unique in our comprehensive understanding of the EHR to the Edge.  For many years we have designed and deployed infrastructure to support EHR’s – including migrations & upgrades. We have strong relationships with the major EHR providers and understand certification requirements.

Why Comport

Healthcare Workflows

We understand both clinical workflow and healthcare IT. We aim to create operational efficiencies while reducing costs.

Industry Specialization

“We know healthcare and we speak healthcare.” – Geoff Bakeman, VP of Healthcare Solutions

Medical Infrastructures

Comport has worked to improve infrastructures for healthcare organizations from clinics to enterprise hospitals.

The Changing World of Healthcare IT

The world of healthcare IT is changing fast—but ComportSecure can keep you up to date. Explore this interactive infographic to learn about modern digital healthcare strategies.

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