Upgrade EHR Infrastructure for Reliable Access to Clinical Data

Data is only effective when providers can easily access it. The healthcare industry has great potential to advance its use of patient data to inform care decisions. EHR infrastructure is the foundation for seamless data delivery.

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes with Modern EHR Infrastructure

When healthcare providers have access to complete and accurate information, patients receive better medical care. EHR solutions enable the transformation of patient care, accelerating data delivery and ensuring uptime. Given the importance of EHRs across clinical and business functions, we understand downtime is not an option. Comport provides the best foundation for your EHR supported by disaster recovery and backup solutions provided as a service or on premises. We ensure your data is always there when you need it, even in the case of a ransomware attack.

Epic as a Service Advances EHR Infrastructure

Epic as a Service powered by HPE GreenLake is a comprehensive ‘as a service’ offering that provides:

  • Pay Per Use: Predictable monthly invoice vs. paying upfront saves up to 40% and ensures scalability.
  • Simpler IT: Hardware, software and expertise to make your EHR run smoothly.
  • Epic-Validated Infrastructure: With a 25+ year HPE and Epic partnership, 65% of Epic instances run on HPE infrastructure — the proven solution.
  • Security and Control: Cloud-like flexibility with on-premises security to control your infrastructure and compliance.
  • Reliability: 85% less unplanned downtime.

Epic is complex, which is why Epic as a Service is gaining traction. Comport and HPE simplify EHR delivery so internal teams can innovate to impacts patient care.

Comport Healthcare Solutions is backed by 40+ Years of Experience

Comport Healthcare Solutions specializes in providing technology solutions for the healthcare industry. We aim to make your life easier by creating technology solutions for your toughest challenges, from EHR to the Edge. We have deep expertise designing and deploying infrastructure to support EHR’s — including migrations and upgrades. The strong relationships we have with major technology partners, combined with our understanding of certification and requirements in the healthcare industry, put our customers ahead of their competition. Let Comport’s in-house technologists serve as your expert guides for EHR infrastructure upgrades.

The Changing World of Healthcare IT

The world of healthcare IT is changing fast — but Comport can keep you up to date. Explore this interactive infographic to learn about modern digital healthcare strategies.

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