Desktop as A Service

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Enables Remote Workforces with On-Demand Apps & Desktops

DaaS maximizes productivity with access to critical apps through the cloud anywhere, anytime

DaaS Brings All the Power of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with None of the Hassle of Management

Run virtual desktops seamlessly while DaaS providers manage maintenance, security, upgrades, backup, and storage. Remote teams are equipped to  focus on important tasks at hand with secure access and on-call support.

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the evolution of virtual desktop infrastructure by providing apps and desktops delivered as-a-Service. DaaS provides instant scalability, flexible customization, and a predictable monthly payment. The virtual machines that power DaaS are owned and managed by a DaaS provider such as Comport, which eliminates any mundane tasks associated with maintaining software in-house.

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Why Choose DaaS?

DaaS is a smart option for businesses that want virtual desktop capabilities, but want to avoid the time and monetary investment required to own their own VDI solution. Since solutions are owned by DaaS providers, they come with top-tier cybersecurity features to ensure secure remote access. DaaS is an effective way to support a disaster recovery strategy because of built-in resiliency within all layers of the infrastructure.

Why Comport?

For more than 30 years Comport has partnered with businesses large and small to guide their technology decisions. We believe in commitment beyond compare to empower teams with the technology expertise needed to make smart choices. Comport’s deep technical expertise and premier certifications has landed us on Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies list, as well as CRN’s Tech Elite 250 for 10+ years. Choosing Comport for DaaS means getting a true lifecycle IT partner who’s committed to moving the needle for your business just as much as you are.

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Top Benefits of Desktop as a Service

  • Predictable Payments: The as-a-Service model of DaaS creates predictable monthly payments that are often a fraction of the cost of owning a solution. Organizations can avoid the up-front capital expenditures of investing in a technology solution and only pay for the capacity they need.
  • Fast Scaling: DaaS eliminates the traditional roadblocks of working remotely by providing fast desktop deployment and scalability as needed. Plus partnering with a DaaS provider means IT support is on-call whenever it’s needed.
  • Improved Productivity: Not only do remote employees experience fewer roadblocks, but also IT team members have headspace to focus on strategic work that supports business growth. 
  • Top-Tier Cybersecurity: The security benefits that DaaS providers receive from using top-tier software are passed along to customers who implement DaaS. Oftentimes DaaS users receive higher level security than they could afford if they owned their own software.


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Ready to upgrade your team’s remote work experience?

DaaS gives remote workforces a seamless desktop experience for improved productivity. Lean on Comport for expert guidance and implementation.

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