Network Access Control

Aruba ClearPass for Secure Network Access Control

Identify, enforce, protect. Modern network access control for enhanced security.

Whether wired, wireless (mobile and IoT) - Aruba ClearPass helps keep your network more secure.

Set policies, automate access, and see granular, device-based information. With Aruba ClearPass Network Access Control it doesn’t matter whether the on-ramp is wired, wireless, VPN or SD WAN. You’ll have the insight and the control you need to keep your network secure. Comport works with Aruba ClearPass’ Network Access Control to provide clients with a crystal-clear view of what is on their network while allowing continuous security enforcement.

Network Access Your Users Demand. The Network Security You Need.

Your employees, visitors and customers all expect reliable, instant network access. Allowing access for all increases satisfaction, but it can leave your network more vulnerable to attack. That’s where Aruba ClearPass comes in.

ClearPass provides organizations with the ability to manage access levels, secure rogue devices, and monitor your network so end users get what they want while your network remains secure.

Aruba Clearpass
IoT Protection

How Does Aruba ClearPass Keep Your Network Secure?

Aruba ClearPass allows you to

  • Identify devices as they join and then later reconnect to your network
  • Gain visibility into device type, number, connection details and even operating systems
  • Enforce policies and provide individualized user and device access on many different levels
  • Provide automatic threat detection, device permission changes, and blocking of traffic to prevent unauthorized access to data

Enhanced Core Discovery and Profiling Capabilities - Even For IoT Devices

Most enterprise organizations today have experienced an IoT-related security breach. That’s because IoT devices have been difficult to see and identify in the past.

Now, with ClearPass Device Insight coupled with ClearPass Policy Manager, you can move beyond identification to access control. 

Once a device is identified and classified, any set of custom policies can be applied to restrict its access. It’s the digital version of a red flag. Troublesome behavior can be quarantined. What’s more, this whole process can be automated so it is on guard even when your IT team is asleep.

Healthcare Network Security


Aruba Clearpass Blog

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Aruba Clearpass Demo for Clients

Watch a Video Walk-Through of Aruba ClearPass

Comport’s Senior Network Architect, Dustin Ray, demonstrates ClearPass setup and operation.

Aruba’s Clearpass Device Insight

Will Aruba's ClearPass Device Insight Be A Lifesaver?

Aruba’s ClearPass is now even better with Device Insight! See everything on your network, even IoT, with granular detail.

Secure Your Enterprise With Modern Network Access Control

Find out how Comport’s network security experts can help secure the backbone of your business – your network – with Aruba ClearPass Network Access Control.

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