Our Mission

Comport’s mission is to help our clients maximize their competitiveness through digital innovation. We drive successful results by investing in the best people, ongoing training, thought leadership, and a portfolio of trusted technology and solution partnerships.  40+ years of best practices and a highly vested, ‘go the extra-mile’ culture foster long-term and new client relationships. We believe in listening, integrity, ownership, and excellence.
Comport cares.

Industry Awards and Certifications

6 essential ingredients of your Comport Customer Experience

Human Factor

Hardware, services and enterprise software are important, but only humans —specifically curious and dedicated ones – can take solutions to the highest level. That is Team Comport.

First-Hand Experience

We go beyond putting ourselves in clients’ shoes. Key members of our team have walked the talk. For example, our Healthcare Solutions CTO is a former Healthcare CIO.

Zero Margin for Error

Businesses that succeed in this day and age collaborate with a technology partner who understands your challenges and works hard to ensure that every solution is utterly sound. We say “yes we can” when we are positive that it can be accomplished on time, on budget, beyond goal.

Solutions Driven

Our goal for every project is the same: provide inspired solutions with a peace of mind that allows you to focus on what you do best – the core business. We look past the immediate, to be sure we cover your back.

Fanatical Learning

Our motto is simple – you must learn everything before you do anything. We offer solutions when we understand your business.

Aligned & Engaged

From our President to the newest employee, we are an extremely aligned, engaged and a laser-focused organization. We design and build optimal systems to efficiently manage, protect and access critical enterprise data.

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