Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a modern framework for securing today’s digital infrastructure

Zero Trust Approach

Zero Trust is a significant departure from traditional security methods, because it is based on the “trust but verify” principle. Comport helps you achieve stronger data and application defenses for today’s complicated architectures with the Zero Trust approach.

Basics of Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a new methodology for securing infrastructures that maintains that users and applications should not be inherently trusted. This type of security imposes access rules based on context: the user’s role, location, devices and the data they are trying to retrieve.

Zero Trust Approach

How does Zero Trust Security Work?

Traditionally, security was built from a centralized data center and network methodology. This approach trusted approved IP addresses, ports and protocols to provide access. It inherently trusted what was within the network, including those connecting via VPN.

The zero trust approach, in contrast, says trust no one – even if they are inside what used to be the “trusted perimeter.” With this approach, everything must be continually verified with specific attributes and monitored throughout the journey, ensuring that the user and/or device has the correct privileges.

Why Comport?

Comport combines our security expertise with a large portfolio of cutting-edge security solutions and services. A partnership with our team starts with a comprehensive view of your current environment gained via discussions on data, applications, critical access and current security processes. We will then work with you to determine a roadmap to success with the right products, services, policies and procedures. Our goal is to enhance your visibility, eliminate insider threats, minimize the chance of a significant cybersecurity event, and optimize your ability to respond.

Zero Trust Implementation

Ready for a Zero Trust Approach?

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