Cyber Security

Comport’s cybersecurity provides your business with technology to enable a new level of cyber resilience. We provide our customers with an integrated security approach that allows your team to predict, protect, endure and recover from cyber attacks against your organization. Comport’s Services Include:

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Cloud Security
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Network Security
  • IT Security Compliance
  • Security Tools Rationalization Workshop


IoT Security

The wake of the pandemic has created a stronger work from home environment than ever before. With this ecosystem comes more devices and locations to protect. Luckily Comport’s team can help you control, monitor, and protect your devices with purpose-built cybersecurity technology and extended managed IT services. Comport specializes in:

  • xIoT Security (Extended Internet of Things)
  • IoMT Security (Internet of Medical Things)
  • IIoT Security (Industrial Internet of Things)


Managed Security

Managing today’s security is like trying to plug leaks in a sinking boat, the moment you plug one hole, another bursts open. Managed Security Services can stops the holes once and for all. Whether you are challenged with cyber-security threats, data challenges or lack of security skills our team can help you refine your strategy and secure your valuable corporate assets. Top Services Include:

  • Managed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)
  • Immutable Data Backups
  • Comprehensive Firewall Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • vSOC (Virtual Security Operations Center)
  • vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer)


Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust is a tactical strategy for cybersecurity that eliminates implicit trust and asks for continuous validation at each stage of digital interaction. Engrained in the primary objective of “never trust, always verify”, Zero Trust is designed to protect modern environments and enable digital transformation with stronger authentication, network segmentation, lateral movement protection and simplified granular access. If you are looking to implement a Zero Trust strategy, Comport can work with you to determine the best strategy for your organization.



One of the best ways to know if your data is secure is to test your infrastructure. Our security assessments help clients determine the gaps in their security so they can identify, assess and implement security to meet their needs.

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