Software defined data center

Harness the Power of a Software Defined Data Center

Manage data center infrastructure more efficiently with improved system performance, uptime and security.

Position Your Data Center for the Future

Moving to a software defined data center will allow your business to create and keep a strategic edge. With the virtualization that is key to the software defined data center, you will be positioned to meet changing infrastructure needs, enable scalability, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Why Move to a Software Defined Data Center?

Server, storage and network virtualization provide powerful benefits:

  • Server virtualization to eliminate the need to manage complex server-resource details while increasing resource sharing and utilization. Enables scalability.
  • Storage virtualization to combine multiple devices into a single storage device managed by a central console. Simplifies data storage and maximizes system uptime.
  • Network virtualization to enable faster processing.
Software Defined Data Center Solutions
What is software defined data center

Top Benefits of a Software Defined Data Center

  • More efficient configuring, implementing, launching and maintaining new applications, modules or other programs
  • Reduced risk for disruption with “private cloud” and control hosted data
  • Enhanced accountability and reporting through API-based analytics
  • Ability to meet increased demand with improved flexibility
  • Lower overall costs

Manage Risk Better with a Software Defined Data Center

  • Security is enhanced by eliminating the physical access points of on-site servers in traditional data centers 
  • If a vulnerability becomes evident, additional security points can be inserted without downtime.
  • Legacy data centers can be incorporated with software-defined virtualization to reduce vulnerabilities
HPE Software Defined Data Center Solutions


HPE Infosight and HPE Simplivity

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Software Defined Data Center Market

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HPE Synergy Platform

5 Reasons the HPE Synergy Platform is the Perfect Choice

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Is Your Data Center Ready?

Find out how Comport can help you gain the power, agility, and security of a software defined data center

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