Empowering Patients, Visitors & Clinicians

Thanks to the prevalence of mobile technologies and apps, there are so many ways to engage patients and caregivers in the digital realm. Prioritizing and implementing patient engagement solutions can also drive HCAHPS higher, influencing reimbursement.

Comport helps healthcare organizations create a true “positive mobile patient experience.”

Healthcare IT: Improving the lives of patients

Creating a better patient experience in today’s healthcare environment can lead to improved outcomes and happier patients. However finding the balance between patient care, technology costs and compliance isn’t easy.

Comport works with our clients to consolidate patient access into a single, simplified guest experience. This application consolidation combined with actionable insight into how your guests interact with your facility, helps healthcare organizations improve the overall patient engagement and experience.

Don’t leave your HCAHPS scores to chance!

Why Comport

Healthcare Focus

Comport has focused on the healthcare industry for over 30 years. We understand healthcare and we speak healthcare – Geoff Bakeman, VP of Healthcare for Comport.

Compliance Expertise

We have implemented and managed IT with your compliance needs in mind for some of the largest hospitals on the east coast.


Comport understands that healthcare technology must support the overall experience of the patient. We create custom engagement solutions for your employees and your patients.

The Changing World of Healthcare IT

The world of healthcare IT is changing fast—but ComportSecure can keep you up to date. Explore this interactive infographic to learn about modern digital healthcare strategies.

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