Healthcare IT

From the Edge to the Core and up to the Cloud, Comport is the IT partner of choice for healthcare providers.  Our experience encompasses small community hospitals as well as urban mega-health systems with multiple campuses.  Need to cut costs and improve management?  Our healthcare IT solutions provide the latest technology, but we’ve been around long enough to understand legacy environments too.  We work on-premise and in the cloud – you’ll have great choices to achieve your goals.

We’re with you for the long-term.  You can count on Comport.

Comport's Healthcare IT Solutions

Industry Focus

“We understand healthcare and we speak healthcare” – Geoff Bakeman, VP of Healthcare for Comport.

Healthcare Experience

With over 30 years designing, implementing and supporting healthcare technology solutions, we help organizations put patients first.

Trusted Partnerships

Our trusted partnerships allow us access executives and technology experts within our partner community.

We are a proud member of Chime

Comport provides customers with efficient, cost-effective healthcare IT solutions to supports excellent patient care in today’s digital world. Reach out today!

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