Composable Infrastructure

Bridge IT Gaps with Composable Infrastructure

Composable infrastructure enables quick provisioning by bringing compute, storage and networks together as a single platform

Composable Infrastructure for Lower Maintenance IT

Speed to business is the name of the game today. Composable infrastructure provides rapid provisioning by automatically configuring infrastructure and resources to fit the needs of your applications. Systems become stable and scalable with automated error handling and new hardware that can be up and running in moments.

Is Composable Infrastructure Right for My Environment?

Composable infrastructure can be a good fit for your environment if you want to…

  • Bridge the gap between resource silos
  • Improve the availability of business-critical applications
  • Quickly provide access to large volumes of data for your employees
  • Rapidly scale out your infrastructure based on demand
  • Compete with larger companies

With less time spent on hands-on management, IT teams can focus on modernizing their environments.

How Does Composable Infrastructure Work?

Composable infrastructure can be a great foundation for private and hybrid cloud. Simply adding compute and storage in silos is no longer a viable solution for efficient IT systems. Composable infrastructure combines compute, storage and networks together as one platform. Resource pools are fluid, abstracted from their physical location, managed through a single API. Users automatically program and provision their infrastructurefast. This brings the speed needed through your own IT groups.

Proven Results from HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure

Processing a petabyte of data per month is just one example of how flexible composable infrastructure is. The first HPE Synergy client was the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, which generated more than a petabyte of data per month because of the intense requirements of their genomics research projects. 

HPE Synergy was powerful and easy to use, allowing HudsonAlpha to run production workloads on it while their implementation was still in beta. The composable infrastructure provided a simple storage architecture that was able to serve their intense data storage needs, while rapidly serving up user-specific workloads that supported scientists in their individual research projects. Whether you’re a small company or an organization looking to grow, HPE Synergy composable infrastructure may be the answer to your digital transformation.




5 Key Benefits of Composable Infrastructure

Find out how composable infrastructure supports existing workloads while modernizing your data center.

HPE Synergy

3 Ways Composable Infrastructure Simplifies Hybrid Cloud

Streamline your on-premise infrastructure and take advantage of increased hybrid cloud efficiencies.

HPE Synergy Platform

5 Reasons the HPE Synergy Platform is the Perfect Choice

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Ready for the Power of Composable Infrastructure?

See how this simple, fast, cloud-like infrastructure brings agility and fluidity to your IT systems.

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