Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Streamline and Simplify with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Create a more agile data center by combining compute, networking and storage into a modern, tightly integrated single system

Solve Data Center Pain Points with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure provides a nimble environment that eliminates the silos and staff specializations inherent in traditional IT infrastructures. With hyperconverged infrastructure you’ll see lower costs, faster deployment and easier expansion without the worry of compatibility issues.

Why Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

The hyperconverged architecture was created primarily to solve one problem – the mismatch that occurs between data storage and virtual machines. Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are all about turning those industry standard x86 servers into a clustered pool of resources for compute and storage. The servers can easily scale because the central components are connected to each other in a way that even converged systems can’t match.

Hyperconverged vs Traditional Storage

When to Use Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure can grow across many different types of virtualized workloads. The hyperconvergent architecture can easily handle applications that are mission and business-critical as well as a full range of up-and-coming applications, including data analytics. In short, it is perfectly safe to handle just about any enterprise workload including architectural, medical and industrial applications. With hyperconverged infrastructure, companies can easily spin up dev environments when needed, and remove them when the project is completed.

Top Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

  • Lower cost of ownership: Hyperconverged infrastructure eliminates unnecessary virtual machines. Maintenance costs are often lower when compared to storage solutions based primarily on hard disk drives.
  • Greater operational agility: With compute, networking, and storage resources all merged on a single node, expansion is easier, and bandwidth issues become a thing of the past.
  • Compatible with modern systems and technology: Readies you for game-changing technologies like VDI and hybrid cloud as well as the increase in traffic from mobile devices that can easily overwhelm legacy infrastructures.
  • Security: With hyperconverged infrastructure, you can keep your systems updated with the most modern security measures. 
  • Feature variation: Vendors in the hyperconverged space are some of the major producers of new, cost effective technologies. With greater innovation comes greater choice. Vendors often adhere to a standard of compatibility that allows the end user to mix and match between brands when picking individual components. The result is easy ability to customize a system to the needs of an individual business.



Hyperconverged Infrastructure Enables IT Agility

Deliver new technologies and services faster with hyperconverged solutions like HPE SimpliVity.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Your Strategic Technology Plan

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure? How can I take steps to implement it? Your questions answered!


Hyperconverged Infrastructure Readiness Checklist

This checklist can help you determine if you’re ready to move forward with a hyperconverged solution from HPE.

Ready To Create an Agile Data Center?

Learn how you can transform your environment with hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. Let Comport guide you on your path to scalability.

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