Efficient Data Management in Healthcare

Harnessing the Data Deluge

The wealth of data available to healthcare providers is formidable, not to mention an even more formidable rate of growth. To create a holistic view of patients, personalize treatments, improve communication, enhance health outcomes and meet compliance requirements it’s critical to store, protect and analyze information from many disparate sources.  Healthcare organizations that embrace a unified approach to data management meet the challenge – plus they reduce costs and simplify time-consuming, routine tasks.

Eliminate and Simplify

Most healthcare organizations have at least several stovepipes of data including clinical and business applications, images and videos, structured and unstructured data.  When ransomware or a natural catastrophe strikes – it’s no simple task to restore and get running again.  Hospital operations are severely impacted, but of course no one is interested in understanding all these complexities.

A Single Pane of Glass

Comport has the experience and strategic partnerships to eliminate and simplify your stovepipes.  We understand deeply.  Some backup solutions for example will simply not work with MEDITECH.  Still, it is more possible than ever to develop an approach to consolidate and manage with a single pane of glass – or close to it.  Then our solution engineers identify how to leverage your investment in unified data management to extend to disaster recovery and e-discovery.

A Comport advantage is that we offer choice. We provide “infrastructure as a service” plans for those hospitals that want unified data management, but not the upfront capital costs.  Monthly pay as you go options, such as Commvault as a Service, can be the perfect fit for some.  Others prefer a customized mix of owning, managing, paying, on-premise and cloud – no problem.

Ensuring that users have seamless, secure access to whatever data they need, no matter where it may be physically stored is imperative to any healthcare organization. Clinicians can’t be slowed down with excessive wait times. Systems must be built on high-performance, reliable infrastructure to avoid unreliable operations and user frustration.

Security and Compliance

Cloud adoption and digital transformation in healthcare has elevated the importance of security, which goes beyond the basic need to maintain compliance. Cyber attacks are on the rise. Data protection strategies must enable healthcare organizations to ensure the security of PHI to maintain the trust of healthcare professionals and patients. HIPAA rules and requirements are designed in large part to protect patient privacy and prevent healthcare fraud and abuse. The penalties for failure to comply are steep. Solutions such as access control, encryption, secure file sharing tools, and network security solutions such as firewalls and antivirus software should be implemented for proper data protection.

Back-up and Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is the natural extension of backups via a single pane of glass.  In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake or storm, or a technological one, like a Cyber Attack, healthcare organizations need to be prepared with a tested plan. The ability to rebuild priority IT infrastructure from a remote-location or a virtual one is the primary goal of any Disaster Recovery plan. Comport and our cyber security partners’ approaches are based on industry standard cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST, FFIEC, and CIS CSC.


Assessments point the way to the best solutions. Comport’s Assessments include:

Remediation recommendations are customized to the situation. Comport’s offerings also include Implementation services.

The Bottom Line

Multiple stovepipes can be strategically consolidated and unified. Your healthcare data management can get better! The resulting architecture will be less expensive, less complex, more resilient, and easier to manage.  Let Comport Healthcare Solutions help you understand the possibilities, and help achieve healthy, unified data management.

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