Boost Your IT Team’s Efficiency with XaaS

Regardless of your corporate direction or your industry, it is safe to say that technology is a big part of how you operate, especially in these “Covid Times.” IT operations is a critical part of your business, but can be expensive, often with large upfront capital investments required to both build and maintain your network, security, infrastructure, data, etc.

This is one of the major reasons why anything as a service (XaaS) has become a key element of IT operations today. As a service options such as infrastructure as a service, backup as a service, disaster recovery as a service and even managed IT services have become so popular over the last decade because of their flexibility. Rather than buying everything upfront, you get access to the IT resources you need, when you need them, for a predictable monthly fee. You also gain access to a team of dedicated professionals who can troubleshoot issues or solve problems at a moment’s notice, freeing up as much of your own valuable time as possible so that you can focus on strategic business initiatives.

As a service options are also one of the best opportunities you have to help your IT team operate more efficiently. XaaS is a way to finally help your IT team to work smarter, not harder and save overall TCO – lets explore why.


By far, the biggest way that as a service options help your IT team work more efficiently is that XaaS allows them to do more with less. They can begin more projects within a single year because they don’t have to focus on pricing out larger investments or justifying these costs to the CFO. Additionally, it allows projects to quickly move forward, avoiding being derailed before the project begins.

Everything your business could need – from networking to security, from computing power to storage space to enterprise software – is delivered in an on-demand fashion over the Internet. Your team can spend less time working on getting the technology up and running and more time working complete valuable business led initiative, to accomplish company goals.

As a service options allow your IT teams to automate a lot of the repetitive, yet important operations tasks that frequently take up a significant portion of their day. By using managed services options, such as backup as a service, your teams don’t have to spend time testing backups or working against increasingly shrinking backup windows. They don’t have to stop what they’re doing to make sure backups are being taken care of. Everything is covered by the backup service, thus allowing them to focus their full attention on more important initiatives.

Likewise, one of the biggest benefits of the as a service model is flexibility.  Precious company capital is not tied up in large up front purchases.  Your business is only paying for what it consumes.

Enterprise storage is a good example or why the as a service model works well for most IT operations. If your entire IT infrastructure was purchased in a traditional model, planning would need to be done up front for the next several years. Additional storage would need to be estimated and purchased as time goes on to accommodate new projects and new users. With storage as a service, adding that same functionality is as simple as expanding your capacity as you grow, or shrinking capacity based on usage trends.

Your IT team won’t have to ask for more than they need, ultimately raising questions from organizational leaders about “why we’re spending so much money on storage we’re not using.” They also won’t ever be in a position where they’ve underestimated their requirements and suddenly need to scramble to increase their budget, leading to even more questions from the CFO.

When you also consider that nearly everything can be handled as a service – from networking to security, to data management to workstation infrastructures and more – it’s easy to see why this has become popular with many businesses in the last few years.

Larger organizations like HPE are also getting in the game. In fact, HPE has worked very hard to develop their as a service offering, HPE Greenlake, in the past year to respond to COVID demands and make the service easier and more affordable for businesses.


At ComportSecure, we’ve always made it a priority to help businesses get the most out of their IT spending. Technology is so much more than just another tool.  When leveraged properly, it can be the competitive advantage that helps your company stand out in a crowded marketplace and offer better experiences to your customers. We’ve been helping our customers accomplish exactly that for many years and can’t wait for the opportunity to do the same for you, too.

If you have any additional questions about how as a service can help your IT team operate more efficiently, or if you’d like us to assess your IT operations to help determine which functions should be kept in-house and which functions can be optimized utilizing as a service – contact ComportSecure today.

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