Cohesity vs. Veritas: What Experts are Saying

In our fast paced, data-driven world your backups are vital parts of your IT architecture. Data is expanding rapidly and exponentially—and storage needs reliable backup. Your traditional solution may be easier in the short run but can create data fragmentation that limits your ability to access and backup your data.

Additionally, there are AI advancements in newer products that provide valuable insights to help make better, more informed decisions. Older solutions don’t integrate into clouds well, limiting your ability to scale with future growth.  Many of these drawbacks are inherent with solutions like Veritas, built before clouds were pervasive. These limitations are causing many to learn about Cohesity.

Cohesity has emerged as a true successor to vintage products like Veritas—good for their day, but still trapped in an “old school”, siloed design that is woefully inadequate today. In fact, there are several reasons why experts regularly pick Cohesity over Veritas that are worth exploring.

1. Only Cohesity Consolidates Silos into a Single Platform

Experts agree that by integrating backup software, target storage, servers, cloud gateways, search indexing, data classification and more into a single platform, Cohesity’s software-defined architecture dramatically simplifies backup and recovery in a way that Veritas simply cannot match. Veritas’ capabilities cannot be managed without separate components, creating complexity. Plainly put, Cohesity can help you reduce data and infrastructure silos without the distractions, allowing information to flow freely across your organization for the first time. 

2. Cohesity Dramatically Simplifies Global Management

Cohesity dramatically simplifies managing all data and applications, regardless of where they reside. Unlike Veritas, Cohesity users can manage all clusters from a single, easy-to-use graphical interface. They can generate global reports for deeper visibility and take actions across a global footprint. With this level of insight into their enterprise, users can also proactively plan for future business requirements with capacity predictions.

3. Cohesity Offers a True Non-Disruptive Scale-Out Architecture 

Let’s face it, with data growing from multiple devices and all directions, you don’t want scaling to be an issue. Cohesity is a solution built to scale limitlessly, without creating any impact on workload performance. Because Cohesity is built on web-scale principles with digital business in mind, it creates easy expansion AND non-disruptive software upgrades. With effortless capacity expansion, IT staff can start small and scale out as their organization grows. Unless you have a flex appliance with Veritas, upgrades are difficult and disruptive, and in most cases require downtime.

4. Cohesity vs Veritas: Born for the Cloud Era

Veritas was born pre-wide adoption of cloud, and wasn’t architected to handle this environment. Cohesity on the other hand was built to seamlessly integrate with cloud. With a cloud-native architecture and single user interface, Cohesity eliminates the need for separate software to leverage the public cloud and eliminates bolt-on gateways. Cohesity’s CloudSpin is integrated with their solution unlike Veritas’ that requires a separate CloudPoint server with NBU UI Plugins…once again adding complexity. 

Of course, this makes everything from storage tiering to disaster recovery to archiving for long-term retention easier than ever, and certainly easier vs. Veritas’ capabilities. In addition, Veritas cannot run at full scale in the cloud.

5. Enabling Rapid Ransomware Recovery

By supporting features like multi-factor authentication, experts agree that Cohesity can help organizations fend off devastating cyber attacks like ransomware and even help to actually recover successfully in the unfortunate event that they become a victim of hackers with malicious intentions.

Cohesity is architected as an immutable file system and includes WORM on backup data, denoting that NO application or malware can ever modify a “gold” copy. This means that only Cohesity can create alerts for abnormal file changes from one backup to the next, which is a prime indicator that an attack is currently in progress. Veritas simply doesn’t have advanced ransomware and cyber protection.  

In addition, Cohesity can easily recover cloud data to any cluster; Veritas on the other hand says, “call support”…down the rabbit hole you go!

6. Cohesity Integration to Applications

Experts are also particularly struck by the way that Cohesity has reimagined data management with an innovative approach that seamlessly integrates third-party applications into its decidedly modern platform. Cohesity was one of the first to allow businesses to run applications on the same platform that houses data, helping you extract business insights while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. 

Cohesity allows independent software vendors and developers to confidently build applications in a way that boosts protection, control and leverages data wherever it resides. What you’re left with is a perfect storm in the best possible way. 

7. Cohesity Was Built to Delight Developers

Last but not least, experts love the fact that with Cohesity, IT operators can instantly and securely provision their high fidelity data via zero cost clones within the same environment, all in the name of making it easier for developers and testing teams to get their critical work done.

With Cohesity, clones can instantly be refreshed with the latest data—both dramatically accelerating the development of high-quality applications that can’t rely on synthetic transactions. In addition, it reduces data copies to lower security and compliance risks.

In the end, it’s important to understand that organizations need a single platform for not only modern backup solutions and recovery, but also failover and disaster recovery as well. Advanced technologies can provide a platform that can leverage your data and allow you to leverage it for business opportunities, traditional platforms simply can’t compete. 

From the top down, Cohesity was built to do all of this and more—which is why experts agree it’s the worthy alternative to Veritas for backup and data management needs across the board.

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