Redefine Your IT Infrastructure with Consumption-Based Pricing

Consumption-based IT models bring never-before-seen predictability to IT costs and agility for business growth.

Techopedia defines a consumption-based pricing model as “the fundamental philosophy that customers pay according to the amounts of services that they use or consume.” This serves as the basis for Comport’s new HPE GreenLake offering.

HPE GreenLake address two important challenges with current IT models:

  1. It reduces the time-to-value by offering capacity ahead of demand
  2. It provides a predictable cost that’s based on solutions and services used

See how HPE GreenLake is changing the way companies approach their IT solutions with the top benefits below.

6 Benefits of Consumption-Based IT with HPE GreenLake

  • Better economics
    With a consumption-based model, IT infrastructure costs shift from capital expenditures to operating expenses so your solutions deliver returns at the point of use. In addition, HPE GreenLake monitors your usage so you never pay for more than you need.
  • Cloud-like flexibility
    Rapid response on demand. This is the beauty of the cloud—you get the control and the speed to keep up in today’s ever-changing IT landscape. Unlike traditional offerings, Greenlake allows you to group private, public and on-premise infrastructure to create a hybrid offering for ITaaS.
  • Go big. Go small. Change whenever.
    Add services instantly if your business demands them. Or trim services that go unused. HPE GreenLake reduces complexity and overprovisioning with a solution that’s just the right size and scale for your company.
  • Top-level protection that can stay on-premise
    With HPE GreenLake, a hybrid solution leaves you in control. Determine what needs to stay in-house for security and compliance and what can go into the public realm. Also, HPE GreenLake offers advanced state-of-the-art cybersecurity so you can rest easy.
  • IT solutions tied to business outcomes
    Since HPE GreenLake is designed to handle particular workloads—Hybrid Cloud, Backup, Intelligent Storage, Hybrid HPC, and SAP HANA, for example—you get a solution that’s tailored for the business outcomes your enterprise needs.
  • Expertise at the ready
    In today’s rapidly shifting data center landscape, it is nearly impossible to assemble an IT team whose skills and training can keep up—particularly if your team is already overworked and lacking current capacity to get tasks done. Comport’s expert services coupled with HPE GreenLake’s offering gets you shared expertise for custom solutions that support your business goals.

It’s time to kick issues with legacy IT infrastructure to the curb.

Improved as-a-service models influence the trend of increased spending on consumption-based models such as GreenLake. By 2020, consumption-based procurement in datacenters will account for as much as 40 percent of enterprises’ IT infrastructure spending.1

When your company’s growth depends on the IT system that supports it, turn to ComportSecure and HPE GreenLake for instant scalability and a dependable cost. Test drive HPE GreenLake today.

  1. Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Datacenter 2018 Predictions Nov 2017 DOC # US43152417

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