What Is DarkTrace & How Can Its Cyber AI Platform Leave You Less Vulnerable?

DarkTrace is an innovative cybersecurity firm that was created to satisfy the need for a better, more reliable and more actionable cybersecurity service in 2013. Founded by government cyber intelligence officials, experts in the field, and mathematicians, DarkTrace focused on building a comprehensive software suite that applied the principles and capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a cyber AI platform?
  2. What Is DarkTrace, Really?
  3. What Are the Top Threat Landscape Use Cases of the DarkTrace AI Cybersecurity Platform?
  4. Why AI-Guided Defensive Cybersecurity Strategies Are a Strong Partner In the Cyber Battle.

Most importantly, DarkTrace has proven itself a leader in the cybersecurity front, amassing more than $500 million in total contract values and helping companies avoid the risks of disruption through AI-guided systems and for good reason. As explained by Gil Press via Forbes, the introduction of AI in cybersecurity is nothing short of astonishing, helping people be 20x more effective in cybersecurity defense than outdated, traditional system use. But still, some do not understand what a cyber AI platform really is and how it lowers cyber vulnerabilities.


A cyber AI platform refers to the embedded AI within a software that works around the clock to identify, isolate and address potential vulnerabilities. While traditional systems relied on the notification and detection of anomalies based on firewall penetration, the cyber AI platform relies on historic and real-time data to make informed decisions about what is actually happening and how to best resolve the matter. For example, DarkTrace uses AI and machine learning to continuously identify threats, alert cybersecurity team members and business staff, and halt the attack.

Furthermore, a Cyber AI, DarkTrace uncovers rare and previously unseen patterns in information, amid the noise of everyday activity across an organization’s digital systems. By detecting subtle deviations from the organization’s pattern of life, it can distinguish friend from foe – and highlight true cyber-threats or attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

For example, a data backup might not seem nefarious, but what if the data upload contains 73% more data than usual (it could just be a busy day or someone could be filtering your data in another direction outside of your company). Cyber AI recognizes this deviation and intervenes, severing the connection to the company server for a given time. In addition, the DarkTrace Threat Visualizer and Cyber AI Analyst step in, reviewing the data, helping cybersecurity team members understand what happened and how to best prevent it in the future. Of course, this all varies based on the type of attack.

AI begins with learning from previous attack data and uses machine learning to evolve, finding new threats. That’s why newer security technologies like DarkTrace are gaining popularity to identify irregularities because at this point, it’s just not possible to block all nefarious threats, they WILL eventually get through.

More information about the unusual nature of the activities and connections enables faster responsiveness and intervention, saving countless hours and avoiding the terrors of ransomware attacks or data loss. Even minor activities, such as checking email or querying social media can expose a company; good phishing emails tend to get even the most informed end user.

A cyber AI can recognize when these activities derive or communicate with a known cybersecurity threat-server. If the communication is completely rare, meaning the device in question has never communicated with a given server, the AI further analyzes the interaction to determine the validity of the threat and intervene. Even with the best-laid plans, internal threats may still arise, and hackers are always evolving. Thus, companies know the best solution lies in leveraging the cohesive experience and capabilities of an advanced cyber AI.


DarkTrace is much more than a simple software vendor. As a company, it created unique, innovative solutions to help organizations achieve stronger cybersecurity and prevent the spread of threats by leveraging the following key elements that form a strong cyber AI:

Enterprise Immune System

The Enterprise Immune System is the catch-all name given to the full scale and power of the cyber AI platform, unifying real-time threat detection, visualization of activities and interventions, investigation capabilities, machine learning, and self-optimizing controls.

Dark Trace Autonomous Response

The DarkTrace Autonomous Response leverages the full Enterprise Immune System across the network through DarkTrace Antigena. The autonomous response functions by calculating the best action to take at the time to both mitigate the “infection” and prevent its distribution through the network. Meanwhile, cloud-security measures and a complete lineup of threat landscape deployments further optimize security and provide real-time monitoring and intervention when something goes awry.

Cyber AI Analyst

The cyber AI analyst combines the experiences of human analysts with AI to promote faster and larger responses. In a sense, it derives from machine learning, built on the data from thousands of deployments. By understanding how people investigate data incidents, the system grows more adaptive, capable of giving users access to the most relevant and needed data upon accessing the system.

Threat Visualization

Threat visualization is another aspect of the cyber AI platform. It includes an interactive, intuitive graphic interface that turns the idea of computer-server connections into a color-coded source for investigating and understanding past incidents, current, real-time threats, active deployments, and other network activity.


The top threat landscape use cases for the cyber AI include:

  • Email security, putting the power of the AI across a user’s various accounts and recognizing when anomalies arise.
  • Cloud security, deploying DarkTrace Antigena within various SaaS services a company uses to operate, regardless of whether the threat derives from internal or external sources. With Cloud becoming a large part of many organizations, simply protecting at the network level will no longer suffice.
  • IoT-enabled devices, which are growing in number and scale, but also growing in terms of vulnerability. If an unprotected device is suddenly added to a network, the system can connect to and learn the behaviors of IoT-connected devices as well. It can also detect if this device is like others and doing something it shouldn’t be.
  • Ransomware prevention, DarkTrace minimized the risk of someone holding your data and systems hostage by detecting and shutting down pathways before completed code uploads to lock files from access.


Cybersecurity threats will never end. Hackers and insiders remain on the hunt for your vulnerabilities, and once found, they will exploit every bit of data from your company, business partners, and customers.

Do not give them that opportunity.

While older cybersecurity initiatives and software worked for the threats of the age, a newer breed of solutions has evolved that can actively combat threats and protect your data and assets. Instead of relying on human-only measures to identify and intervene, your company needs a faster, more agile solution. An AI-guided defense system recognizes, quarantines, and autonomously responds to stop infections or threats before they spread. Remember that DarkTrace was created and based on the most complex security system in history—the human immune system.

Like your body, the DarkTrace cyber AI platform runs intuitively in the background, stopping threats before they spread, and when detected, symptoms become evident within the chain of data to help your team understand what happened and how to prevent it from recurring. In a sense, DarkTrace is like the most advanced medical practitioner on the planet for your data networks. By considering your uniqueness in every facet, it can devise the best path to avoid illness and prevent disruptions from cybersecurity vulnerabilities, arming your enterprise immune system with a lightning-fast AI. Learn more about the value of DarkTrace by reaching out to the experts at Comport to get a free trial.



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