Who We Are

Our Process

We start by understanding your current situation.  Everyone has a starting point, which represents years of investment.  We respect that investment, while recognizing that continuation of older approaches, such as numerous computing silos, is not in your best interest going forward.

Next are your goals.  Where do you feel pressure?  What are the challenges facing your business?  Ideally, what would change?  IT solutions and services must support your business and enable it to flourish.  So we assess your needs and strategic goals.

Our People

We develop customized IT solutions that meet your goals.  We are not a “one-size-fits all” mentality.  The quality of our team sets us apart:  our Solution Architects are highly experienced, with top certifications and training. They are alert to efficiencies that we can bring to the table.  We pride ourselves on creating great options for you, and we also draw upon our ecosystem of leading technology partnerships to do so.

Our Relationships

We intend to work with you long-term, and we will often make investments in our relationships upfront. We make sure we understand current technologies to bring the best solutions, and programs that make them cost-effective.

Our Partnerships

We are your technology partner, not your reseller.  We will help you with planning and support you through any difficulty.  As the highest-level Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner we are cost-effective, and can tap you into the vast resources of the world’s leading IT solutions provider.  We are not high-volume resellers with minimal value-add.

Comport’s team is ready and willing to tackle even your toughest technology challenges with modern, innovative IT solutions and services.

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