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ComportSecure DRaaS Free Trial

As a Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Veeam Partner, Comport Technology Solutions has the expert knowledge and years of data protection experience to help you navigate the possibilities and perils of data storage and business continuity. Don’t face today’s businesses challenges alone, Comport offers services specifically tailored for evolving information technology requirements.

ComportSecure’s Disaster Recovery as a Service free trial provides:

  • Data Availability: Test the ability to failover to your replicated data by leveraging built in failover plans
  • Security: Built in physical and technical security for compliance and business needs delivered from our Tier 5 data center.
  • Experienced Support: US based support and managed services team is available 24x7x365

Using ComportSecure for cloud replicas provides many advantages over traditional colocation DR. ComportSecure Disaster Recovery as a Service avoids:

  • IT resources to manage and maintain the customer data center
  • CAPEX hardware expenditures
  • Manual testing and RPO/ RTO reporting

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