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Disaster Recovery Assessment

Security breaches and data loss plague nearly every organization. So, how do you plan for a DR strategy that adequately safeguards your critical data? Comport’s DR Assessment will look into the risk and data loss potential of your organization. We will compare local recovery versus remote recovery options. Comport Certified Consultants (CCC’s) will work with your team to discover, plan and recommend a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your organization.

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Disaster Recovery Assessment Information


The overall assessment will cover the following layered approach:

  • Initial identification of critical applications (you may include up to 15 individual applications to examine)
  • Calculation of the business risk of down-time for each application should it become unavailable. We will include the impact in financial terms.
  • Documentation that will include the current back-up and protection procedures for each critical application as well as your current downtime preparations such as training, testing and readiness
  • Creation of a gap analysis between current state and Recovery Time/Recovery Point objectives, creating an identifiable exposure window
  • Delivery of a formal recovery plan that includes shifting from downtime procedures back to information systems with the needed re-synchronization


  • IT DR Performance Assessment

    • Evaluate backups to ensure they are completing within the allocated window
    • Verify that the IT organization is meeting operational-level agreements (OLAs)
    • Establish RTO/RPOs for each application while creating a recovery plan to meet or exceed these objectives
  • Backup Quality Assessment

    • Track backup success and failure rates then resolve failed backup jobs
    • Ensure that backups are recoverable to the granular file level
    • Confirm that data is encrypted “at rest” on the current storage medium or target


We will provide a resource for up to 6 days of analysis within your backup environment. Once the assessment has been completed, our engineers will compile a report assessing the readiness of your infrastructure and making recommendations for future improvements. The IT Disaster Recovery Performance Assessment and Backup Quality Assessment are performed at no charge.

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