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Instant Scalability for the Speed of Business with HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake is a flexible Edge-to-Cloud platform for cloud-like agility with on-premises peace of mind. Is HPE GreenLake right for your business?

HPE GreenLake Delivers IT Your way

Gain speed and agility while paying only for the services you need.

What is HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake is a consumption-based IT model that offers the flexibility of the cloud with the security of on-premises solutions—all at a predictable monthly cost. GreenLake’s suite of services provides IT teams with an easier way to deliver a reliable, agile and secure environment without constant technical upheaval. HPE’s #1 ranked solution and 12 years of experience in consumption-based models, plus Comport’s 30+ years in technology services positions our clients for success today and well into the future.

Consumption-Based IT with HPE GreenLake

When to Take a Look at HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake provides businesses with modern a hybrid as a service solution. Gain peace of mind with the security of having your technology in-house. Here are a few reasons why HPE GreenLake may be a good fit:

  • One platform for visibility across all resources, with the ability to view current costs and forecast capacity.
  • 70% of apps and data reside on-premises; GreenLake allows you to modernize your environment as needed taking that environment into consideration.
  • Provides an immediate and a long-term plan for modernization and hands-off enhancements, consolidate + simplify your IT strategy.
  • Provides financial flexibility that is not present with traditional IT acquisition models—HPE GreenLake consists of monthly payments to help you stretch the budget versus up-front payments.
  • Meet governance, risk and compliance monitoring, management and optimization across your multi-cloud environment
  • Get more resources to meet IT demand or flex demand needs.
  • Tired of your staff being tied up with mundane tasks? Get your team members back to innovation and strategic initiatives.

HPE GreenLake Supports a Move to the Cloud While Retaining Control & Security

Oftentimes IT departments are stuck with patching legacy IT systems to work with modern technology. While the status quo may be comfortable, traditional IT models won’t cut it for long-term business growth. HPE GreenLake helps companies move toward cloud-based solutions as it makes sense for their specific business needs. HPE GreenLake is a manageable entry point to the cloud because it offers the security and control of on-premises IT while providing increased IT team productivity.

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GreenLake Pairs with Top Industry Solutions

Get customized solutions from HPE Platinum Partner, Comport.

HPE GreenLake redefines customization in IT. The Edge-to-Cloud platform pairs seamlessly with top technology solutions to create never-before-seen flexibility. Whether you need the storage capability of HPE Nimble, the hyperconverged infrastructure of Nutanix DX, or the wireless network access of HPE Aruba, GreenLake pairs with each solution and then some to offer a scalable pay-as-you-go option.


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Empowering Digital Transformation with HPE GreenLake

This infographic breaks down the key benefits of HPE GreenLake, such as achieving faster time to value and scaling your business while paying only for the services you need.

HPE Infosight Video

HPE-Nutanix Partnership Hits the Right Notes

HPE and Nutanix have come together to unlock the power of data center solutions in a managed IT service environment.

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Companies Poised for Growth Score the Best of Both Worlds with ITaaS

A hybrid IT environment blends the best of on-premises security with cloud-like flexibility. This modern IT model unlocks the power of the cloud for businesses while retaining critical control.

Transform Your IT with HPE GreenLake

Interested in HPE GreenLake for your organization? Comport can help evaluate and recommend the best mix of solutions for your business. Get started by requesting a proposal today.

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