Companies Poised for Growth Score the Best of Both Worlds with ITaaS

Does it feel like your IT team is constantly being pulled in opposite directions?

On one side: on-premise infrastructure.
An on-premise solution is ideal to ensure that security and compliance needs are met. By keeping it all in house, you get ultimate customization and control. But it’s a slower process and requires an enormous outlay of capital and resources.

On the other side: public cloud. Public cloud offers all the speed, scalability, flexibility, and end user ease—and it’s practically instantaneous. It can streamline the implementation process and doesn’t require the same capital investments. But with every bit of IT infrastructure that shifts to the cloud, a certain amount of control goes with it.

What if you didn’t have to choose between on-premise and public cloud? What if there was an IT service group that could handle the implementation of a Hybrid IT solution? There is, and it’s called HPE GreenLake.

It’s a consumption-based, pay-per-use model that includes on-premise hardware, software, and support. HPE GreenLake is a completely new way to consume IT. Let’s take a closer look.

Business Services and IT Services in One IT Model

Consumption-based IT is a new model of infrastructure that gives customers on-premise control with the flexibility of the public cloud. Solutions such as HPE GreenLake provide companies with accelerated time to value, while only paying for the services and solutions needed.

Hybrid Environments Resolve Common IT Issues

Hybrid IT combines private, public and on-premise infrastructure for the ultimate flexibility with ITaaS.

To further simplify your transition forward to ITaaS, Comport offers services and support that complement HPE GreenLake for streamlined management of your hybrid IT environment. This helps alleviate the burden of managing time-consuming, but critical, day-to-day operations. Customers who use HPE GreenLake reported a 40% increase in IT team productivity by reducing the support load on IT.1

Consumption-Based IT Models Offer Tangible Benefits

Cost, maintenance and business demands are moving future IT infrastructures toward consumption of business services. This model provides all-in-one offerings that give companies three must-have benefits:

  1. Cost efficiency
  2. Quality of service
  3. Business agility

HPE GreenLake is a suite of solutions that delivers IT outcomes with hardware, software, and expertise on premises.

The IT Solutions Your Company Needs in One Place

HPE GreenLake is expanding the capability of agile IT infrastructure. It allows cloud-like flexibility with fast provisioning and scaling of resources while providing peace of mind with the security and control of on-premises IT.

Best of all, customers only pay for the services they use. This makes it easy to add, remove and customize services, solutions and support instantly. In fact, customers who use HPE GreenLake have experienced a 30% CAPEX savings due to eliminated need for overprovisioning.2 Learn more about the benefits of HPE GreenLake here.

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? With HPE GreenLake, you can have the benefits of on-premise security and control combined with the speed, agility, and flexibility of the public cloud—and it’s all backed by the powerful, expert team at Comport. If you’re going to go with just one vendor, why not choose the best?

HPE GreenLake provides the lowest cost per workload and the flexibility IT teams need. Partner with ComportSecure to test drive HPE GreenLake today and experience the on-demand scalability for yourself.

1, 2 Source: “The Total Economic Impact of HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity” a commissioned study by HPE, Forrester Research, Inc., May 2018

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