HPE Infosight

Automatically Predict and Prevent Infrastructure Problems Before They Happen with HPE InfoSight

Advanced artificial intelligence for infrastructure across servers, storage, and virtualized resources

InfoSight Proactively Solves Infrastructure Problems

With HPE InfoSight, 86% of issues are automatically resolved via InfoSight’s artificial intelligence, global cloud-based machine learning and predictive analytics.

Reduce Downtime. Free Up IT Time.

Get a smarter data center that predicts and prevents issues before they become big problems. Using data from millions of sensors each second, HPE InfoSight creates a continuous process of protecting, healing and optimizing. With InfoSight, most of your infrastructure issues are identified and fixed automatically.

HPE Infosight
HPE Flash Storage

Advanced Machine Learning Drives Predictive Analytics and Recommendation Engines

HPE InfoSight is AI that develops an understanding of the ideal operating environment for every workload and application. Key steps involved in the HPE InfoSight predictive analytics and machine learning process include:

  • Applying pattern recognition to data to proactively manage potential problems 
  • Using artificial intelligence to recommend solutions capable of improving performance and preventing future issues
  • Driving greater efficiency via automated solutions

InfoSight Watches Over Your Infrastructure 24/7

Free your IT staff from spending days, nights, and weekends dealing with infrastructure issues.

InfoSight is free and spans HPE storage, compute, networks, hyperconverged and composable. Cross-stack telemetry brings VMware, Oracle, SQL Server and Exchange into the ecosystem.

Brain with Binary Code

HPE Nimble Infosight Demo

We can demo the Nimble UI with HPE InfoSight. HPE Nimble InfoSight simplifies the infrastructure lifecycle from planning to expanding. In addition, the HPE Nimble InfoSight resource planner accurately sizes new infrastructure by simulating multiple what-if scenarios using app-centric machine learning models. It also accurately predicts capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs with specific upgrades. Finally, HPE Nimble InfoSight optimizes workload placement based on simulated scenarios to predict performance and capacity on an array and how this workload affects neighboring resources.


    Nimble Infosight

    Infographic: InfoSight Reduces Costs, Increases Uptime

    Nimble InfoSight reduces financial losses from data center outages, and increases uptime to nearly 100%.

    HPE Infosight Video

    Video: Learn how InfoSight Makes Your Data Center Smarter

    Infosight extends across storage, servers, Synergy Composable Infrastructure, SimpliVity Hyperconverged and more.

    Infosight HPE

    Nimble and InfoSight: Four Things Your Boss Should Know

    Uptime, predictive analytics, automatic resolution of issues – Nimble and InfoSight live up to the hype. 

    Learn How HPE InfoSight Can Transform Your Data Center

    InfoSight is proactive and automatic, giving your data center superior uptime with fewer headaches. Find out how Comport can get you there.

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