4 Things About Nimble and Infosight Your Boss May Want to Know

We live in an app-controlled world. Apps are essential tools we use every day for communication, news, staying organized—even entertainment (yes, I’ll admit that tonight, I will try to get past that hard level in candy crush). Needless to say, apps have also transformed the way we do business, handling everything from operations to customer satisfaction. In our app-dominated business landscape, infrastructure availability is now paramount to profitability and growth. When we see a symbiotic relationship making waves like Nimble and Infosight, we want to dig in. Do Nimble and Infosight really live up to all the HYPE? The short answer is: YES. We like this infrastructure and we think your boss will like it too. Here are four key reasons why:

The Uptime Numbers Stand Up

Were you there when Nimble announced over five nines of measure availability? Five nines? Really?! But of course, they didn’t stop there. They have now left their competition in the dust, claiming six nines (99.999928%) of measured availability. Like most people (you too, perhaps?), we were skeptical. Companies make claims all the time. It’s hard to nail down availability numbers, as it can be measured in diverse ways. But Nimble’s reliability holds up under deeper scrutiny. Their availability numbers are not based solely on one OS Release, one device or theoretical projections. Nimble’s reliability starts with the architecture of the storage platform. By creating fault tolerance with redundant components, there is no single point of failure. In addition, if a failure is detected for any reason (though this doesn’t happen often), it is automatically identified and examined. It’s constantly improving, and mistakes don’t happen twice.

Infosight’s Predictive Analytics Prevents Downtime

With the technology landscape expanding, complexity and customization of application infrastructure coupled with numerous configurations have made downtime all but inevitable. To combat this growing challenge, Nimble created an innovative architecture built on advanced analytics. With each module of code, they embedded diagnostic sensors. So, from day one—from the foundation on up—there can be real-time, in-depth, performance analysis. Infosight Predictive Analytics compiles data from these sensors and provides information back to the system, helping to solve future problems and creating additional awareness of any detected issues. The result? No downtime. Really. None.

Learn From Other’s Mistakes

We’ve all encountered a “new” issue to us, only to look it up online and find it’s a known problem. I believe the expression is “reinventing the wheel.” Turns out, there’s a different way to go. Meet Nimble’s PEAK engineers; they’re responsible for assessing any issues identified by information fed back to nimble from the data collected over thousands of nimble environments. They identify the root cause of any issue and remediate it before it can affect others. They’ve also created a blacklist protocol, preventing customers from upgrading to a specific Nimble OS version, if a problem is discovered on a similar configuration to yours. InfoSight, in turn, creates customized upgrade paths for each customer. Imagine knowing with certainty that upgrades are safe AND being able to sidestep a landmine before the big boom?! This is just one of the bugs or system fixes managed by Infosight.

Nimble Improves Over Time

If Nimble has seen or knows about a problem, no other customer should experience the same problem in their environment. Traditional hardware-based systems depreciate over time. Coupled with Infosight’s predictive analytics, Nimble actually gets smarter and better at eliminating problems. In fact, here are some shocking statistics:

  • Over 86% of support cases are automatically resolved by InfoSight, saving time and money by eliminating diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • 54% of issues that InfoSight resolves are outside of storage, addressing a full spectrum of issues that impact infrastructure uptime.

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