Improve Patient Care with VDI in Healthcare

Centralized Security, Lower Costs, End User Mobility

Advances in VDI technology over the past several years have created an appealing answer for healthcare IT teams and end users alike. Virtual workspaces can provide that unique mix of all-the-time access and tighter security.  Hardware and infrastructure costs decline.  With Comport’s long experience in hospitals plus VDI and network expertise, organizations looking to implement or improve their healthcare VDI environment can be sure that their end user experience is user-friendly – smooth and seamless.

Mobile Productivity

The nature of clinicians’ work often requires constant movement, as they progress from patient to patient and facility to facility. Healthcare VDI environments save practitioners several minutes logging in and out of computers and applications. Multiplied over time by many patients, the improved productivity is significant.

A VDI environment also offers remote access, giving users ultimate flexibility.  Many hospitals implementing VDI have found that it offers a secure, user-friendly BYOD solution. Doctors and other staff can access their personal desktop environment from any approved device.

The gain is an improved focus of energy, attention, and time on the patient.

Healthcare VDI: A Layer of Added Cyber-Security & Compliance Protections

Perhaps the most important advantage of a VDI environment is the increased security it can offer against cyberattacks and for compliance. In a non-VDI environment, every desktop and device is a potential entry point for attack. We all know that patient information is at risk, and a breach can result in millions of dollars of unanticipated spending.

Since VDI solutions use a centralized data center, IT teams have much better control over sensitive information. VDI allows for enterprise data-store, consistent monitoring, back-up and automation.  With VDI, the device is only used to access and display the desktop environment. Since no data is stored, it is more secure. Sensitive data will not be on a stolen device and is protected by standard endpoint security protocols.

Improved Efficiency with Decreased Costs

Like most virtual IT solutions, VDI also offers significant cost savings and increased efficiency for your IT team. In many cases, hospitals can shift to cheaper devices such as tablets and smartphones. With VDI’s central management for updates and maintenance, you’re saving labor as well.

VDI has opened a new world of solutions and opportunities for healthcare organizations—however it is not without risks. The system must be well-characterized and architected for workload performance. If users incorporate performance rich media—audio, video, and high-res graphics—and the system is not properly designed, the slowness and glitches cause painful complaints. Reach out to Comport to ensure your VDI implementation goes smoothly and creates the security and efficiency you are looking for.

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