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How NVIDIA Virtual GPU is Transforming VDI

Every organization today is looking to go virtual in every way they can. We all know why. It’s better for the bottom line, and employees and customers get increased efficiency, convenience, and ease of use. It’s a win-win all the way around.

If VDI is on your radar, Nvidia’s virtual GPU is one tool you’ll want to seriously consider to keep up with the heavy-hitting graphics in today’s apps. If you’re looking for end user satisfaction (and who isn’t?), read on.

Today’s apps are graphics heavy

In the past, companies needing the basics had no issues running in a virtual environment. A shared CPU was rarely over-utilized, as long as the workload was reasonable. It was graphics-intensive programs—CAD/CAM applications, graphic design suites, and video production—requiring more bandwidth and processing power that always slowed things up.

Times have changed. Graphically-rich interfaces are becoming the norm for even the most basic apps and operating systems.  Windows 10, Chrome, Skype and Microsoft Office are now more graphically demanding and can easily overpower typical VDI resources. Windows 10 now offloads its graphics-intensive workloads to the GPU, instead of the CPU. But the problem is that many VDI implementations lack a central graphics processor, and performance may be dragged down considerably.

No one likes a lagging mouse

A mouse pointer lags as it moves across a screen. Slow transitions. Logins seemingly take forever. The user waits for an application to chug along and catch up. Not good!  The user(s) complain. Dissatisfaction is widespread.

These are the problems that traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has bumped up against in the past. They are also the reasons many businesses and IT teams have hesitated when considering the many benefits of VDI. Who wants to deal with endless choruses of “my computer is too slow!”?

Keep the worker bees buzzing

So how do you handle this increased demand for graphics processing in a VDI environment?  How do you keep your business humming along, with a lightning-quick user experience for each and every desktop?

The something new is Virtual GPU.

The vGPU difference

Integrating Nvidia’s virtual GPUs improves application performance on virtual desktops. Compared to a CPU-only environment, vGPUs deliver a superior experience for every user. This is a great way to make the most of Windows 10 in a shared environment, providing robust graphics power to address latency. CAD/CAM users are no longer frustrated by underperforming programs.  Servers support more users simultaneously. Even the most demanding engineering and creative applications can run smoothly in a virtualized or cloud environment. We can now reimagine what’s possible with VDI.

Reinvigorating Interest for Virtual Desktops

Nvidia’s accelerated graphics engine is the solution to the challenges that plagued CPU-only VDI. When workloads are diverted from the CPU, more users can be supported per server, for great scalability and growth. Plus, as Microsoft evolves each rendition of its OS, you have built-in the flexibility to adapt.

Most importantly, users experience rich, seamless, immersive applications. This is the game-changing reality of vGPU-enabled VDI. It allows IT to deliver superb user experiences with high availability and security. As the need for more advanced end user computing solutions grows, vGPU technology supports accelerated VDI adoption. Enterprises deliver the most up-to-date productivity tools and increase operational efficiency.

In the field, Comport’s experience is that with virtual GPUs to improve user experience, VDI provides even more of the centralized computing value that many IT teams are looking for. We will help you plan and understand the best options for your VDI, help with the business case, and move to a successful implementation and accelerated adoption.

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