Find a Better way to Manage your Medical Images

Images are integral to patient care. In addition to radiologic images, high-definition sleep study videos, digital photos for wound care, dermatology and ophthalmology, digital pathology—even surveillance video—all require a great deal of storage capacity.  Storage costs climb, migrations and upgrades are painful and disruptive, mergers magnify scalability issues. There’s a better way to manage your medical image data storage.

Let’s see how different things are with Comport and Scality RING, the Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for 3 consecutive years.

  • Scality RING is software-defined storage, a completely different architecture designed to consolidate all those images with 24x7x365 availability.
  • Clinicians have fast access – no advance retrievals.
  • IT has worry-free capacity growth to 100’s of Petabytes with no downtime or rebalancing, as the data is managed by software and not tied to appliance form factors.
  • Risks associated with security are minimized, and 100% disaster recovery can be built-in. Once implemented, no migrations!
  • Compatible with PACS, VNA’s, Backup Systems including Commvault, Veeam, IBM TSM, Cloud(s) and any application with an industry-standard AWS S3 Interface.

Seeing is believing – take a minute to browse the demo and improve your medical image data storage for better patient care.  Ask about our Try and Buy Program.

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