Drive HCAHPS and Efficiency with Location Based Applications

Healthcare delivery has undergone significant changes in the past decade. Hospitals are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate value so they can raise HCAHPS scores and qualify for higher reimbursements. More simply, they are trying to improve patient satisfaction.

So how can Location Based Applications help?

In order to meet or exceed customer expectations, hospitals have to provide a seamless and comfortable patient experience. Driven by consumer demand for greater convenience, modern healthcare organizations are turning to location based applications to engage users in the digital age.

A connected mobile healthcare platform provides the custom environment guests have come to expect from other industries like retail. If meeting venues such as stadiums and concert halls are focusing on the mobile experience, why shouldn’t healthcare do the same? Location based applications can deliver wayfinding, reliable wireless connectivity, access to health information, and point of sale systems (food and beverage, gifts shops, etc.) through a single platform, enhancing the patient experience.

Connected technology is taking off, leaving those who don’t embrace it in the dust. Whether it’s finding the correct parking lot or pulling up directions to the pharmacy, wayfinding on a connected platform simplifies hospital navigation. By eliminating the need to sift through multiple apps or look up vague directions to get to a destination, healthcare organizations are decreasing patient frustration which leads to increased satisfaction scores.

The importance of having the most convenient functionality in one place without the need to jump between apps cannot be overemphasized. Through one application patients can schedule an appointment, access health records or meet with a physician via telemedicine. Integration with leading apps such as Epic MyChart simplifies access to this kind of functionality. Before, during, or after an appointment, educational content can be sent directly to a patient’s phone, promoting engagement and learning. Whereas healthcare organizations used to assemble a bucket of individual apps with disparate user interfaces, now they can offer one unified app with all these features to improve the patient experience and make it more efficient.

There are also a number of aspects that benefit the organization. Every touch point of the mobile experience can be branded for consistency and awareness. This leaves the customer with your name (and your name only) to associate with the seamless and helpful mobile environment. In addition, feedback and surveys can be pushed automatically to reveal problems and aid service recovery.

Besides efficiency, location based solutions can also add to the bottom line by providing better insights and awareness of customer whereabouts. Imagine having the ability to send a coupon directly to guest phones just before they reach the gift shop. Not only would this provide greater convenience, it could also increase revenues. With a connected platform, the tools of customer satisfaction are combined with powerful data and insights to revolutionize care and hospitality.

Patient satisfaction grows when expectations are exceeded, and a connected mobile healthcare platform can make this happen. Are you interested in raising HCAHPS scores? Take advantage of technology to raise your ratings and improve efficiency with a unified application. Location based technology is changing the face of modern healthcare, and making it easier to keep patients satisfied.


Author: Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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