Comport Patient Engagement

Thanks to the prevalence of mobile technologies and apps, there are so many ways to engage patients and caregivers in the digital realm. Prioritizing the patient’s digital experience also drives the opportunity for HCAHPS to influence reimbursement.

Comport helps healthcare organizations create a true “positive mobile patient experience.”

Unifying the Patient Experience    

Patients and visitors alike expect a seamless and secure mobile experience. Joining your wireless network must be as simple as connecting to Wi-Fi at their coffee shop. The easier it is to connect to the network, the more likely individuals are to connect to the organization’s mobile applications and push notifications.

Likewise, patients, visitors and clinicians are only willing to engage with apps and services that save time or add convenience. Many healthcare organizations have a portal for patient information, another application for appointment scheduling, an application for telemedicine, and so on. A complex environment with multiple entry points will not gain adoption or provide value.  Useful solutions all work seamlessly together.

Single Access Point

Integrated mobile platforms ensure a seamless experience and help boost patient satisfaction scores. Everything can be found in one easy-to-use enterprise-wide mobile application – your “digital front door.” The IT Team can manage one unified platform. The technology that enables this can bring together many useful features that patients, visitors and staff alike appreciate.

This might include access to electronic healthcare records through Epic’s MyChart. It may also feature turn-by-turn driving directions with Google Maps, followed by blue dot wayfinding to the right parking garage and directions to the office or lab within the hospital walls.  Asset tracking allows staff to locate wheelchairs and medical equipment, decreasing wait times and avoiding purchases. All is enabled by Bluetooth and location-aware services, accessed from a single platform.

These kinds of systems also engage patients and guests with effective marketing. Point of sale systems allow them to order food, flowers or merchandise from their own devices, for in-room delivery or pick-up. They can be alerted when a prescription is ready, with instant directions to the nearest pharmacy. It’s all about the convenience made possible by mobile technology.

Reliable Wireless is the Foundation

Many general purpose infrastructures were not designed to handle the current influx of wireless-enabled mobile devices. This inevitably leads to lag time and strained wireless networks that cannot handle the added traffic. Not only does this hurt guests’ individual experiences, but it can also detract from critical applications such as wireless patient care monitors and other devices that require bandwidth to operate properly. Reliable and secure wireless is the foundation of a strong mobile patient experience.

It’s the first places to start when considering a healthcare mobile technology solution. Ensure that the proper wireless system is in place, then choose the services to amplify patient’s mobile engagement. In addition to IT, the Chief Marketing Officer or Innovation Officer is often involved in these plans. Gradual implementation of new features and staging over time is possible.

With Remote Access Points (RAPs) which can be easily deployed in doctors’ offices, ambulatory facilities and patient residences, hospitals can extend data, voice and medical device access beyond a central location. This allows for a truly seamless telemedicine experience, with fast and secure connectivity to medical resources.

From a management standpoint, IT administrators have greater control when mobile technologies are consolidated on a single platform. Contrast this with a range of disparate solutions that all require specialists to maintain and run effectively. Simplifying the mobile network enables greater agility towards the goal of increased patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Delivering an acceptable level of connectivity is the start. Then there is much more that can be offered to engage patients and visitors. Solutions that integrate Wi-Fi, role-based access control security, and mobile apps on one platform offer the best capabilities for patient engagement. Patients can then always find the information and services they need from a single source. Contact Comport to find out more.

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