Enhancing the ER patient experience through mobile healthcare

Improved Emergency Room Care

For many healthcare providers, improving patient care is a top priority. The push to prioritize the patient experience is being driven by increased political attention, HCAHPS influencing reimbursement, and concerns over medical malpractice. In today’s medical landscape, any successful healthcare organization must create a true “positive patient experience.” This may be a tall order for medical professionals who are much more adept at sewing up sutures than they are at meeting human emotional needs.

What’s the Solution?

Have you met mobile healthcare? No? Well, it’s time you did. With its roots in catering specifically to user experience, mobile healthcare is a natural fit to generate positive patient experiences. From the moment a person walks in the hospital door to the moment they leave, mobile healthcare can make it all better.

What does the future look like?

Here’s a vision for you. A healthcare experience that is stress-free (or as stress-free as it can be, considering the circumstances), streamlined and efficient, and tailored specifically to the patient. The patient needs to know that they have been seen, heard, and understood. They need to feel comfortable and safe. You want them to leave the hospital impressed and thankful. Let’s see how technology can create that positive patient experience.

A Patient Walks in the Door

Before patients are greeted by anyone, self-service kiosks provide a wait-free check-in experience. This reduces overall patient wait time and provides EHR accuracy as patients enter their data directly into the system. Language barriers? Poor handwriting? Limited nurses or admins to handle check-ins? All solved by this one, simple step. Hey, it works wonders in airports, doesn’t it?

Once a patient enters the waiting room, the clock is ticking. No one likes waiting. We all want to see a doctor as soon as possible. How you perceive time is often directly correlated to what you are doing. If you are bored, worried, and anxious, time moves very slowly. Digital signage can give valuable information to patients, provide entertainment and even let them know where they are in the queue. Such a small, simple gesture can ease worry, stave off boredom, and let your patients know that you are there for them. And what do you get out of it? Perceived decreases in wait time and fewer complaints.

When the patient is in the ER, it must be a seamless experience. Your staff, facilities, and tools must all project organization, competence, preparedness, knowledge, sophistication. With a mobile-first strategy, there is no fumbling, no missing charts, no backtracking and unnecessary repetition. With a bedside mobile device that is integrated into your EHR via either desktop or application virtualization, you can provide your patients with a knowledgeable consultation while at the same time eliminating paperwork and staying HIPAA compliant. Show your patients that they are valued. With EHRs going digital, your staff needs access no matter where they are.

While the patient inevitably waits in the ER for test results, instructions or a consultation, we cannot forget that often, they are not alone. Family members need to positively navigate the experience too. Providing family members with secure wireless internet access goes a long way to relieve pressure and anxiety while they wait. In the past, healthcare organizations were hesitant to implement wireless access amid security and compliance concerns. Today, patients and their families expect internet access that works and works well. Wireless guest access backed by network access control systems like Aruba Clearpass combine to give patients and their families the connectivity they need while allowing you the power to control and protect your infrastructure.

A Revolution in ER Care

If a patient is admitted to your ER, you can improve their experience exponentially by offering a custom mobile experience (incorporating multiple applications) that can follow them throughout their stay. A mobile platform can provide patients with:

  • Wayfinding: Patients can get directions via their mobile application, freeing your nurses, admins and other personnel to get back to their jobs.
  • Point of Sale: This application can point out the gift shop as hospital visitors walk by or provide them with helpful information on where to eat.
  • Telemedicine: Need follow-up appointments with a patient? Telemedicine allows access and treatment without requiring patients to go anywhere.
  • Improve Post-Discharge Instructions: Instructions after a patient goes home are often critical. With integration between a patient’s EHR and their mobile app, patients can reference their instructions repeatedly, even after discharge.

In today’s healthcare system, mobile and wireless healthcare solutions are the foundation upon which you can build your positive patient experience. It is the ideal tool to address the basic logistical challenges of crowd management and customer service. Once you solve these basic problems, your staff can channel their energy back into providing the most knowledgeable, efficient, and personal care possible.

If you are looking for a partner to guide you along the path to a better patient experience through tailored technology solutions, contact us today.


Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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