5 Reasons to Love HPE Nimble Storage as a Service

For years business and IT leaders have longed to eliminate continual rip and replace projects. They’ve searched high and low for an easier, cost effective way to manage everything from typical data needs to backups and beyond. Because of this, many are turning to as a service solutions for their ease of implementation, TCO and support offerings. In fact, 43% of organizations believe interest in as-a-service models will significantly or moderately increase because of the current economic crisis. 

A fairly new addition to the suite of as-a-service offerings is Storage as a Service. So, what is it and what are the benefits? Storage as a Service provides a pay as you go option for storage that can be hosted either on-premises or in the cloud. This service makes it easier to add additional storage, provides simpler access to expert support and creates efficiencies for your business. 

Gone are the days where adding new storage to your environment was a lengthy (not to mention expensive) process. Let’s discuss some of the reasons to love Nimble Storage as a Service.

1. Storage as a Service Unleashes Newfound Flexibility

By far, one of the biggest reasons why people love HPE Nimble Storage as a Service ultimately comes down to the superior level of flexibility they get to enjoy.

Once you have Nimble Storage as a Service you can add storage instantly when needed. No more lengthy approval processes, just put in a change order and you’re on your way. HPE Nimble Storage as a Service not only goes a long way towards reducing operational complexity, but it also eliminates overprovisioning costs as well by allowing you to pay for only what you use. Say goodbye to issues with capacity planning. 

You can deploy Nimble storage dHCI, giving you the freedom to scale compute and storage totally independently of one another, a quality that traditional HCI can’t provide—who wouldn’t love that.

2. STaaS Provides The Power to Pay as You Go

Storage as a service means you longer have large upfront expenditures—budget is aligned to usage. You only pay for what you use with fixed, predictable monthly payments instead of those unplanned requests for more budget.  

Plus, your financial team will like that they get to keep more money in their pocket to invest in the business. 

The financial payback statistics of HPE Nimble storage boast impressive numbers such as a 49% reduction in total cost of operations, as well as a 487% return on investment over five years.

3. A Transformational Support Experience with Storage as a Service

Nimble Storage as a Service is intelligent in the truest sense of the term. You get a solution that is AI-backed for problem resolution, allowing you to leverage the full might of modern technology.

HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics is an intelligent platform built into Nimble storage. It can predict and prevent problems across the entirety of your infrastructure stack, instantly simplifying operations. Infosight will compare your storage (anonymously) to other users globally with similar configurations, to learn from issues and prevent them from happening to your storage. It provides a truly transformational support experience that enables customers to avoid disruption and time wasted by stopping infrastructure issues in their tracks. All told, 86% of problems are prevented BEFORE they occur—even ones totally unrelated to storage.

When you also consider that this is free with HPE Nimble Storage as a Service, you begin to get a sense of why this has become so beloved. Not only that but with Infosight installed, should an issue arise you skip to a level 3 engineer as HPE assumes that the issue is going to be something where you need to talk to a knowledgeable expert…otherwise the Insight AI would have caught and remedied the issue. 

4. Operational Efficiency to Spare

To put themselves in the best possible position for digital transformation and innovation, IT leaders need time. Traditional storage takes time: time updating, time maintaining and time replacing leaving you in a mode that is more about maintaining the status quo than innovating. IT professionals need solutions that offer efficiency, agility, automation, simpler management and more.

At its core, HPE GreenLake solutions are built to address these problems—not only by removing everyday burdens from IT teams, but by also providing an exceptional platform for business growth and automation. HPE’s as a service offerings provide an ability to scale easily into the cloud, require less overall management with great support. 

HPE Nimble Storage as a Service, a GreenLake offering, provides 20% buffer space so you can always keep innovating, even during peak or seasonal times. This often leads to a dramatically decreased time to market as well.

5. Eliminate Planning for Storage Capacity

With Nimble as a Service, you gain access to HPE GreenLake’s Central. This self service hybrid cloud portal gives you the ability to analyze and manage your environment. In particular a huge differentiation that GreenLake central provides is the ability to view your current storage consumption and allow you to plan for capacity and expansion without the guesswork. Additionally, you have the ability to identify where you are spending on storage and how you may be able to optimize this based on business unit or type of storage.  

GreenLake Central can also help you identify issues with compliance and provide suggestions on how to remedy these issues. 

Finally the ease of management by combining capacity planning, security, compliance and control all via one platform will make storage administration easier for your team, allowing them to focus on modernization. 

Time to Innovate, Time to Shine with Storage as a Service

You’ll love Nimble as a Service because it will allow your team to innovate and provide business value. By offloading the management tasks so that you can deal with those matters that command your attention, your team will shine.

Additionally, if you choose to select a managed Nimble as a Service solution, ComportSecure will help your IT teams optimize the expansion of these capabilities with additional monitoring, faster patching, expert advice and so much more—all of which shifts manual tasks off your plate and helps you revolutionize your IT. 

In the end, Storage as a Service is one of the most important trends in IT. The gains in terms of flexibility of storage alone would be enough to explain its increasing popularity, but when you also consider the advantages of the pay as you go model, the truly intelligent storage offerings and operational efficiency gains, it’s clear why Nimble Storage as a Service has become the solution that modern businesses are moving toward. Learn more about STaaS in this webinar, or if you’re ready to get started, request a data storage assessment from Comport’s team of experts. We’ll analyze your environment to make actionable recommendations for improvements. Request a data storage assessment. 


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