How Palo Alto is Utilizing Precision AI for the Future of Security

There’s something insidious about the development of AI: in the hands of the wrong people, it can make for devastating cybersecurity threats. Hackers with access to AI can create sophisticated attacks designed to dive into your systems and bypass any security safeguards you’ve put into place.

Fortunately, it works both ways. AI can also work for your cybersecurity. And while cybercriminals are using AI to scale their attacks and make their phishing attacks more subtle, a service like Precision AI from Palo Alto can keep your systems “hip” to these new vulnerabilities. Here’s how.

What is Precision AI?

Palo Alto’s proprietary AI system, Precision AI synthesizes data and evaluates security needs to automate your strategy. Ideally, it will detect, prevent, and help address any security issues that threaten your systems. It accomplishes these feats through three key strategies:

  • Machine Learning, is employed by Precision AI to understand your specific security needs better. It evaluates your historical data to look for patterns and understand which security situations are truly anomalies. This is how it continually evolves to understand your security threats better. 
  • Deep Learning: Going beyond surface-level insights, Precision AI uses its custom algorithm to build predictive models. By processing enormous amounts of data Precision AI uses deep learning to anticipate how you deal with the data and foresee potential security issues much faster and more accurately. 
  • Generative AI: ChatGPT uses Generative AI to output original articles and summaries. Similarly, Precision AI leverages Generative AI to simplify the way your team engages with AI to improve your insight into your security systems. 

Think of Precision AI as a way to fight back the increased sophistication of modern cybersecurity threats. 

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What Precision AI Can Achieve

Data is the modern-day currency of business. The more data you can sift through and process, the more insight you can gain. Data-driven decisions help steer your business in the right strategic directions in the future. 

For Palo Alto, effective security means sifting through swaths of data to focus on your specific security needs. For instance, think of what this data can teach you:

  • The types of attacks to which you’re most vulnerable
  • Developing profiles of the typical threat actors who try to get into your systems
  • Looking at your data history to get more context for what your key vulnerabilities may be—and what bad actors are targeting
  • Using machine learning to identify AI attacks—giving you more resilience against malware and phishing attacks

How is Palo Alto Using this new solution?

Precision AI gathers all the information above to form accurate predictions and evaluations of cybersecurity attacks. Ideally, it offers maximum accuracy on which attacks are real while ignoring alerts on false positives. In essence, Precision AI is training itself to become better at handling incoming cybersecurity threats.

With Precision AI driving this kind of essential data into other applications, cybersecurity professionals can be more efficient. They can increase their response time to security threats, reliably deducing when a cybersecurity attack is legitimate. They’ll also have more insights into existing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, which makes them better at planning strategically for the future.

Imagine one cybersecurity professional at a dashboard. They might have access to a lot of data—but they also have to make a lot of decisions. And those decisions aren’t always accurate. It places a lot of strain on any professional: poring through data, evaluating which attacks are legitimate or false alarms, and trying to come up with prescriptions to resolve any cybersecurity threat.

Precision AI steps in by offering information to these professionals. It acts as their research assistant suggesting courses of action to deal with emerging threats. As a result, cybersecurity professionals don’t have to navigate through a sea of data to come up with the right actions. Instead, tools powered by Precision AI can simplify the interactions by requiring less of each cybersecurity professional. 

What Precision AI Brings to the Table in the Future of Security

AI is changing the landscape everywhere, but in cybersecurity, it can feel like an arms race. Just as malicious actors use AI to make their attacks more sophisticated, cybersecurity professionals can use AI to make their defenses more sophisticated. AI can do a lot that humans can’t. Most importantly, it can process data at lightning speeds, so humans don’t have to pore through data manually. Using this ability, AI can make recommendations and interpret data in ways that professionals can’t.

Palo Alto is using Precision AI to help fuel other applications with these abilities. For example, Prisma Cloud is an AI-driven platform that helps cybersecurity professionals bring their security features to scale. 

But what’s most important is what professionals can’t see coming down the pike. Precision AI brings Generative AI and machine learning to help train for the next generation of cybersecurity attacks. It’s not just a way to scale. It’s a way for any cybersecurity professional to add to their list of tools, become more capable, and prepare themselves for the challenges that AI will pose—and help solve.

If you are looking to deploy AI in your security strategy, Comport can help you determine what tools will fit your environment and your business needs. Reach out to our team today!

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