How Veeam Cloud Connect Drastically Reduces Downtime

Recently, we have witnessed a significant resurgence of ransomware attacks. With a steep increase in threats and a rise in the intelligence of ransomware attacks, organizations are facing consistently growing concerns and pressure to safeguard data. Attacks on sensitive data can affect any industry, sectors like healthcare and local government high on target lists can quickly cripple under an attack. These concerns are heightened due to the encouragement of a remote workforce brought on by the pandemic and the increased reliance on digital communications.

Organizations need solutions that not only fit into their budgets and are dependable but also do not increase the workload of their IT teams. The impact and cost of downtime is too significant to ignore, which is why ComportSecure and Veeam work alongside organizations to implement and monitor backups and replicas.

Key Advantages of Veeam Cloud Connect

Enter Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC). This very popular and reliable technology makes it easier to back up your virtual machines, physical servers, and end-point devices to the cloud to prevent ransomware. It places your backups and replicas outside of your primary network to a Backup as a Service (BaaS) or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) target of your choice managed by ComportSecure.

Not only is VCC cost-effective, but it offers a flexible cloud strategy to clients. With this, you can maintain complete control and data primacy over the entire backup of your enterprise.

Another benefit, especially for businesses with multiple locations and a distributed workforce, is a centrally managed console with insight to all locations and jobs.

VCC’s centralized console and reporting will manage your backup & replication jobs and monitor them daily to remove the need for a dedicated backup employee or distraction from other competing priorities.

Have an organization where employees depend on mobile devices to work? Not a problem, with Microsoft Office 365 and desktop backup and recovery, even road warriors are protected.

Provides Additional Security

Most, if not all, of us have probably had the misfortune of accidentally deleting important data. VCC’s Insider Protection covers you against accidental or malicious data loss. It gives you an air-gapped directory that is invisible to the client or public routing. This is where accidentally deleted backup files are retained and can remain isolated for 7 days. And once you are ready to restore, the data can easily be transferred back. Therefore, with Insider Protection you get even more peace of mind knowing that you are protected from outside threats and have no concerns about accidental data loss.

Have a Reliable Emergency Plan

Veeam Cloud Connect enables you to have a strategy that will quickly extricate your business from threats. Enterprise-grade backup and recovery technology ensures that your data is fully protected and always available. Regardless of location. Be it on servers, workstations, or in the cloud. By leveraging the off-site backup feature, you can place your physical and virtual backups off-site to a hosted cloud repository with complete visibility and end-to-end security.

Equally important is the Disaster Recovery as a Service technology. Providing fast, flexible, and secure failover to an off-site cloud repository with just a few clicks, whether it’s an entire VM or a single file.

Faster System Recovery

Veeam provides clients with the necessary software to facilitate the sending of virtual machine backups off-site. Utilizing this software makes it significantly easier for businesses to recover files from backups when facing a nefarious event in their environment.

And you can simply browse those backups online and restore exactly what you need. This could be an entire VM, an individual email, or a spreadsheet. That way, you get control over how to proceed with restoration and by extension, how quickly you do it.

Works With Reputable Partners

Although Veeam Cloud Connect has a lot to offer on its own, having great partners allows its product to be even better. And when it comes to reducing downtime, you need the best.

The easy set-up process using intuitive Veeam Management Console means that you simply “add” Comport as a cloud service provider destination for backups.

Also, users get the visibility and control to write or schedule backups to a hosted Comport backup.

Then, if the need arises you can swiftly restore your system. In this instance, there will be no need to download an entire backup set to recover individual files or VMs which translates to very fast online restores of critical backup data.

Enhance Your Organization’s Security

Veeam Cloud Connect is a modern tool that will safeguard your data by leveraging the power of the cloud. Its class-leading technology in combination with cost-effective pricing makes it a great option for any business.

For expert guidance to better understand and implement the necessary technology, let ComportSecure assist you. We have the expertise to simplify your company’s IT and help your business thrive. Get started by contacting ComportSecure or requesting a Veeam assessment performed by our in-house technology experts.



Author: Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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