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IT Strategies During A Pandemic

In this fireside chat, CIO Isaiah Nathanial of Delaware Valley Community Health details his approach to improving patient care and reducing costs during a pandemic. Isaiah shares his story of successfully providing a world class patient experience by optimizing his IT investments, leveraging his relationships and gaining executive alignment.

Isaiah is joined by Cheryl Rodenfels, CTO of Healthcare at Nutanix. The two also discuss topics relevant to FQHC and community health organizations across the country.

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Learn about Isaiah’s four pronged approach to dealing with the pandemic and his strategy to move his healthcare organization towards a sound digital strategy. The following topics are discussed:

  1. Enabling staff to successfully continue quality patient care.
  2. Developing infrastructure to support telehealth initiatives that helped them see over 45,000 patients during the pandemic that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see.
  3. Simplifying infrastructure and supporting innovation with the help of Nutanix Healthcare.
  4. Leveraging wireless healthcare to create a better path for patient and staff communication.

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