Optimizing Data Management with HPE Alletra Storage

Modern data management comes with a host of challenges. Data breaches, lack of security, data siloes, and poor ability to scale can not only hamper your data, but stymy your ability to grow as a business.

One possible solution to reduce these risks: HPE Alletra Storage. The HPE Alletra Series provides storage with “always-on” capabilities. In other words, it can keep a company running smoothly from the cloud with minimal interruptions and downtime. It does so through “edge-to-cloud” technology that makes data available at every possible nook and cranny of your business.

But how does it work? What are the benefits of using HPE Alletra Storage? In this post, we’ll explore how it can enhance data management processes at your business while providing the benefits you need to keep operations running smoothly.

Streamlining Data Management with HPE Alletra Storage

HPE Alletra Storage uses its edge-to-cloud and cloud services in conjunction with AI enhancement via HPE InfoSight. The combination is enough to completely overhaul the way you think about data storage, offering resiliency that makes it possible to run your applications with as few interruptions as possible.

There are a few reasons HPE Alletra is capable of offering these benefits:

  • On-demand access: Now that most organizations have experienced what it’s like to manage data in the cloud, they know what on-demand access means. It means confidence to run your apps with reliability.
  • Resource elasticity: A good data storage system should make you nimble. And when you use cloud storage as a service, for example, you can scale with prices accurate to the resources you use.
  • Keeping up with the speed of business: Your business’s demands aren’t always going to align perfectly with the data structure you have in place. But it isn’t your business that should have to bend. HPE Alletra’s resilience to different business demands creates a more customizable, scalable experience for businesses needing ambitious data storage systems.

Data, after all, is the language of modern business. The better you can track and manage your data, the better you can manage your overall resources. Consider that nearly 80% of respondents in a poll cited “lack of data cataloging” as a top challenge in their business.

In other words, those people with poorly structured data centers are going to struggle. And that has an impact on the bottom line. According to some data, poor data quality, lost data, and redundant data cost companies 15 to 25% of their annual operating budget. In other words, investing in high-quality data management isn’t just a way to make your operations run more smoothly. It’s an investment in the bottom line.

Data Tiering for Improved Performance

First, let’s explain data tiering. Data tiering is the strategy of moving “cold” data, or your less-frequently-used data, to cheaper levels of storage. In other words, you “tier” your data based on how often you anticipate using it. And you’ll keep the high-priority data in the high-performance “shelves” of your data operation, so to speak.

HPE Alletra Storage implements data tiering with intelligence built in. As HPE notes:

With HPE Alletra Storage, you can consume storage resources your way, with a choice of either up-front purchase or transparent monthly subscription. A flexible, as-a-service consumption model enables you to shift from owning and maintaining data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilizing it – avoiding over- and under-provisioning risks, budget constraints, and complex procurement cycles.

What does that mean? You can employ storage resources as you see fit, optimizing your data to suit the workload. And because HPE Alletra handles this with artificial intelligence built in, it’s easy to scale. The system can handle higher capacity during periods of unexpected workloads or higher demands on data use.

From your end, the costs can make sense. Rather than paying big up-front, you can use a pay-as-you-go solution.

But why data tier with HPE Alletra specifically? There are a few reasons:

  • Enhanced storage performance. According to the product brochure, you can expect 99% operational time savings when you use the storage performance of HPE Alletra. The greater efficiency you’ll enjoy is also one you can keep turning to as the system scales.
  • Cost optimization through data placement. Many people tend to look at data storage and data warehousing in terms of fixed, upfront costs. But that’s simply not how it works in the modern age. You can move data around to ensure you get high-priority data in the right places, optimizing your costs on more of a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Real-world performance improvement. Thanks to simple deployment and minimal downtime, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get the HPE Alletra Storage solutions up and running. You can cut right to the chase:

Efficient Backup Strategies

There are challenges specific to data backup and recovery that deserve mentioning. For example, new data volume and fast growth can stress your systems, particularly if they’re difficult to scale. And if you have a complex IT environment, backing up your data can be a cumbersome task. Finally, you must ensure that data security and compliance remain top-of-mind as you build backup strategies; otherwise, you expose yourself to potential data breaches.

HPE Alletra Storage can help create backup strategies, that enhances your data management and security with little extra work on your end. For example, it offers “snapshot” capabilities, backing up your data to a specific point in time. This is a straightforward method of backing up data that’s intuitive for most people in the business. HPE Alletra Storage also integrates with backup software so you can automate the process of backing up your key data.

Ensuring Data Protection and Security

Data is the language of modern business, true. But that also means people are looking to maliciously encroach upon that data. Privacy concerns, issues with regulatory compliance, and cyberattacks all lead to the need for enhanced data protection and security at every level.

HPE Alletra Storage offers data protection mechanisms for just this environment. That includes RAID configurations (Redundant Array of Independent Drives or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) capable of offering high-level data security options. HPE Alletra Storage offers encryption and security features as part of its rollout. And it can help mitigate risks associated with the regulatory environment by meeting data security compliance standards.

A reported 85% of surveyed organizations said that one of the strengths of HPE Alletra Storage over other storage vendors was its reliability. That means having secure, trustworthy data you can count on—whenever you need to turn to it.

Rethinking Data Management with HPE Alletra Storage

You can adapt to evolving data management needs with the scalability and flexibility of HPE Alletra Storage. Even better, you can choose what storage works for you: upfront payment or pay-per-use models. It’s a scalable, reliable system for improving your data management without expensive, costly, or time-consuming rollout times. Put it to use in your organization, and your ability to store and access data will transform almost immediately.

If you’re interested in learning more, find out how HPE Alletra can potentially fill the current voids in your data management needs.

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