Five Business Benefits of Containerization

Five Business Benefits of Containerization
The explosion of containerization in software development is driving business leaders to take notice. Its compelling business benefits are driving rapid adoption. So what accounts for all the hype?

Containers provide a simplified way to build, test and run many applications all on a single server, drastically reducing hardware costs. They are much more efficient than virtual machines, which emulate virtual hardware with hypervisors and multiple operating systems. Virtualization involves significant resource requirements because each virtual server has to load the entire operating system on which it runs. In contrast, containers partition a shared operating system, and as a result, they are usually much smaller (in the tens of megabytes) compared to virtual machines, which are several gigabytes in size.

Containerization is the natural evolution of virtualization. Whereas virtualization has been key in distributing multiple operating systems on a single server, containerization is much more granular. It focuses on breaking down the operating system into chunks that can be used more efficiently. In addition, containers provide a way to package applications in a portable, software-defined environment. There are many benefits that result from such technological innovation.

  • Reduced Costs
    One of the top benefits is reduced infrastructure costs. Virtual machines siphon capacity because they require multiple operating systems. On the other hand, containers run applications independently on the operating system, reducing overall infrastructure needs. This is a big plus for companies where the cost of physical server space (and people to maintain them) is a major issue.
  • Enhanced Business Agility
    Along with reducing costs, containers also create a more agile infrastructure. They allow developers to make small changes quickly without disrupting application workflows. When a problem or change needs to be addressed in one part, it does not require a complete overhaul of the entire system. Complex applications can also be split into separate micro services to reduce the risk of failure as the changes themselves are smaller and can be rolled back quickly.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction
    By enabling a more agile working environment, containers can have an impact on employee satisfaction. They provide the tools for DevOps to be working on the latest improvements even while applications are still in use. When a product update or patch is being implemented, it will not shut down the entire system. This enables quick and efficient code releases, without hampering productivity. DevOps can now focus on coding, not continually reconfiguring the development environment.
  • Increased Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
    Containers also enable quicker delivery of products, features and upgrades, which results in increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Because new features can be developed and tested in isolation, DevOps has greater flexibility. This enables producing multiple concepts quickly while testing them in the same environment where they will be implemented. Fast-paced programming changes are now more feasible.
  • Better Security
    The self-contained and unchangeable aspect of containers provides enhanced security when working with developers outside the organization. Specific resources can be shared without risking internal or external security based on modularity. So outside development teams can access the resources they need without compromising any information on your network. Containers therefore increase business agility without endangering sensitive information.

To compete in today’s dynamic environment, businesses need to find new ways to do more with less. Many business leaders are look to their IT teams to consolidate infrastructure costs while improving productivity. Companies benefit from a reduced infrastructure that fosters technological agility and rapid integration with existing systems. The Benefits of containerization enables businesses to leverage their resources more effectively, enabling efficient workflows and programming flexibility.

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