5 Reasons the HPE Synergy Platform Is the Perfect Choice for Composable Infrastructure

Composable Infrastructure allows for easy pooling of resources between compute, storage, and networking allowing for a fully optimized data center increasing both agility and performance. When a robust form of composable infrastructure like the HPE Synergy Platform is in place, your organization can reap the benefits. Learning more about the benefits of HPE Synergy allows you to make the best possible decisions for your organization.

5 Benefits of The HPE Synergy Platform for Your Organization


  • Efficient Pooling of Resources
    With HPE Synergy, you’re able to utilize the resources you need by leveraging pools of data via HPE Synergy Composer. This versatile approach ensures that your company remains agile and efficient, allowing you to make the most of your existing resources. How? Repeatable templates configure resources via software defined intelligent that implement changes automatically without human intervention, boosting efficiency and productivity.Recent surveys of organizations opting for HPE Synergy over Cisco did so because of the seamless and intuitive management interface. A full 79% of those surveyed chose HPE Synergy over other options because of the single management interface – brands like Cisco require multiple tools to get the same results as the sole interface provided by HPE Synergy.
  • Enhanced ScalabilityInfrastructure that integrates quickly and efficiency makes scaling up or down a simple process; your settings and connectivity are automatically configured to support the needs and demands of your workflow. Unlike other vendors such as Dell and Cisco, HPE Synergy has a true composable offering. With the HPE Synergy 12000 Frame as the base, the HPE Synergy intelligent infrastructure with embedded management and scalable links expands to meet business demands.
  • Time SavingsIn a recent study of Composable Infrastructure clients, a majority of brands interviewed (89%) reported they were able to reduce the amount of time spent on provisioning and reprovisioning infrastructure, freeing up resources for other tasks. In addition, most brands showed clear savings of anywhere from 26-50% on provisioning time when they switched to HPE Synergy.HPE Synergy’s software-defined intelligence API allows you to instantly configure your system to meet the needs of your processing and workflow. HPE has worked to ensure integration with many other technology vendors. This is a major departure from and an advantage over more restricted models like Cisco and Dell because it accelerates operations for your team with pre-defined coded templates.
  • Error Reduction
    Users who opted for HPE OneView to replace Cisco UCS Manager reported a reduction in errors of 35% or more. When compared to Cisco UCS Manager, the HPE OneView Global Dashboard excels providing unified management, consolidating alerts, search, sign-on and launch mechanisms for resources spanning data centers across different geographic sites.Creating further simplicity for users, HPE Oneview was designed to be user friendly with a highly intuitive interface that has a rapid learning curve. Cisco UCS Manager in contrast uses a tree and branch interface that can be very complicated with interdependencies and complexity. Because of this even Cisco has admitted that their management is limited in larger systems.
  • The Best of Both Worlds
    HPE Synergy offers users the best features of cloud computing, without the need to rely on actual cloud storage or servers. Access the speed and scalability of cloud — along with the enhanced ability to collaborate and streamline your workflow. By maintaining your hardware in your physical location, you have increased control over security but can still enjoy all of the benefits of cloud access for collaboration, storage and accessibility.What’s more, HPE Synergy creates automated lifecycle management, allowing both firmware and driver updates to be made in the template and broadcast to all profiles in that template. In addition, compliance announcements can also be routinely generated. In divergence from HPE’s simple lifecycle management, Cisco has two distinct mechanisms for delivering firmware and drivers. There is no cross pollination between the two updates which creates the need to manually check for any complications, which leads to limited automaton resulting in wasted time and resources

HPE Synergy Vs Cisco, Dell and Others

While error reduction, scalability and even user friendliness are all important and will benefit your organization, HPE’s ability to rapidly deploy infrastructure using templates gives this system a true advantage over both Dell EMC and Cisco UCS. These vendors simply don’t offer a true composable architecture system that allows for a unified, single user interface.

Aging interfaces and few updates mean that both Dell and Cisco are falling further behind HPE Synergy; this is not likely to be rectified in the future. Datacenter technology is constantly evolving, and new options and benefits emerge regularly. HPE is better positioned to take advantage of new or emerging technology, by providing simpler integration of the latest options into your current system. Cisco and Dell might be able to accommodate new technology, but it will be a more manual shift — and there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to move forward as quickly as you like.
Partner integration is not only fully supported within the HPE Synergy system, it is swift and intuitive. If you partner with other vendors, brands or products, you may have difficulties working with systems that are not true composable infrastructure systems.

Making the Switch to HPE Synergy

It has never been easier to upgrade your data center and systems and make the switch to HPE Synergy. Whether you want a single, unified interface, need to boost speed and efficiency or are focused on eliminating costly errors, HPE Synergy can help. Reach out to Comport to understand your Composable Infrastructure options and how you can leverage them to create simplicity and agility in your data center.

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