backup as A Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Store data reliably and maintain mobility with BaaS, the cloud-based security structure.

Backup as a Service Increases Reliability of Data Management

Outsourcing tasks like routine data backup ensures data is stored reliably, maintains its veracity, and is easily accessible when needed. ComportSecure helps companies optimize data storage strategies to set the foundation for growth.

What is Backup as a Service (BaaS)?

BaaS is a cloud-based security structure around data so that it can be stored reliably and moved around quickly while maintaining its veracity. Gone are the days of manual backups to tape. Today’s data management strategies require modern solutions to secure data efficiently. The exponential growth in data combined with the rise in ransomware attacks renewed the need for smart data storage strategies through cloud-based solutions. BaaS allows companies to offload routine backup tasks with a managed service provider such as ComportSecure to ensure timely, secure, and scalable backups.

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Is BaaS Right for My Business?

If your organization has outgrown its backup technology, or the volume of data you manage today is monumentally larger than your infrastructure is equipped for, then BaaS could help alleviate common stressors of scaling data storage. BaaS gives companies access to top-tier technology such as Veeam, Cohesity, and HPE at a fraction of the total cost of ownership because IT service providers such as ComportSecure partner with brand name solutions, allowing us to pass along both savings and benefits.

BaaS Managed by ComportSecure Creates Focused Productivity

BaaS is beneficial to companies in any industry from legal services to healthcare because it lifts and shifts the manual burden of regular backups to a proven process managed by ComportSecure’s in-house technology experts. This shift creates focused productivity for IT teams because it allows time for strategic work focused on the business. ComportSecure has more than 30 years of experience in technology solutions, helping countless companies evaluate their data management protocols and strategize the best solutions to accommodate business needs.

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Desktop as a Service Provider

The Buzz behind BaaS: 6 Ways Backup as a Service Solutions Benefit IT Teams

Companies are increasingly adopting Backup as a Service (BaaS) solutions for enterprise backup because they allow quick access to data with a lower total cost of ownership.

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Case Study: Financial Institution Standardizes Corporate Data Backup

Using legacy data backup is like using your grandfather’s flip phone. Cohesity provides enterprise data backup made for growth with best-in-class technology.

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Why Enterprise Backup in Healthcare is Easier than Ever

Take control of healthcare backups with new data storage systems that ensure protection and availability.

Get Started with a Free 15-day BaaS Trial

ComportSecure’s free 15-day BaaS trial helps companies experience the benefits of BaaS such as redundancy, security, encryption, and support—without making an upfront investment.

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