What does a Technology Assessment Mean?

A technology assessment is the evaluation of current IT environments compared to long-term business goals. IT assessments are performed by certified technology vendors and can last a few days to a few weeks. The outcome of a technology assessment is to clearly identify next steps to move from gaps in current architecture to a future state that supports growth.

Why Request a Technology Assessment?

The purpose of a technology assessment is to identify gaps or roadblocks in current systems and inform IT decisions before making the commitment to a new solution. Today’s IT technology evolves minute-by-minute. Keeping up with the latest solutions and how they integrate with current systems is a full-time job in itself. That’s why it’s beneficial to seek a qualified third-party vendor such as Comport for a technology assessment before making a decision.

Over 30+ years of specializing in technology solutions, Comport has curated a list of technology assessments to give businesses the insight they need. When your next IT decision is on the line, lean on Comport’s certified experts to help make an informed decision.

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Find a Technology Assessment that’s Right for Your Business Goals

Comport’s select list of technology assessments gives businesses concrete next steps on their pursuit of modern solutions. View our options below and request an assessment to get started.

Not sure what assessment is right for you? Want more details on what you’ll learn from your assessment, and what’s involved? Let’s talk.

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