HPE Simplivity HCI – The Path to Scalability in the Data Center

Decluttering. Uncomplicating. Finding ways to simplify our lives what technology is supposed to do right? This is nowhere truer than in our Data Centers.

Those data centers still operating with traditional infrastructure face an uphill battle to the goal of simplicity any time there is growth or change. Why? Three reasons:

  • UNPREDICTABILITY: Struggling to formulate budgetary plans or access performance needs? Since you are essentially making it up on the fly, you cannot account for costs or how fast a system will age.
  • COST: Any way you slice it, there will be overhead costs. A lot of them. Hardware. Software. Highly skilled IT personnel. Office Space. Maintenance. The list goes on.
  • COMPLEXITY: With siloed infrastructure, expansion and growth makes your environment more and more complicated. What a mess

HPE Simplivity HCI = Greater Flexibility and Control

With a Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution such as HPE SimpliVity, scaling up is easy and straightforward. The foundation of a hyperconverged environment is the node, the building block of the whole infrastructure. Each node includes storage, networking, and compute resources. Any time you need to expand, just add another node. Simple. Minimal. Uncluttered. We like that.

This type of infrastructure also helps you to decrease your software and hardware needs, streamline your implementation, and perhaps even restructure your IT staff (any IT generalist can manage the single, central platform).

HPE Simplivity HCI allows you to keep pace with today’s high-powered, lightning fast business requirements. Demand-based agility is ideal for organizations that often endure waves of expansion and contraction, fitting examples include retail, ecommerce, pharmaceutical and more. Dev teams can clone a production environment in minutes, meaning no interruptions and smoother transitions any time there’s an expansion or upgrade. Hyperconverged is also an ideal complement to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), allowing for seamless expansion of virtual machine (VM) environments (Often needed in healthcare environments).

The results are dramatic. Check out these stats for organizations that have transitioned to HPE SimpliVity HCI:

  • Increases (over 50%) in staff productivity
  • Speed (1000 virtualized desktops in 70 minutes)
  • 10-fold reductions in data center footprints

The bottom line is that HPE SimpliVity lives up to its name with real, significant benefits for your business. If you are ready to simplify your Data Center infrastructure with a solution that will offer both savings and future flexibility, HPE SimpliVity HCI may be your answer.

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