6 Key Reasons To Consider Nutanix Cloud For Healthcare Applications

Healthcare organizations are regularly turning to the cloud to address growing data center concerns including infrastructure and application hosting. The healthcare industry is striving to increase agility and efficiency while simplifying their operations. At the same time they are challenged with razor thin budgets, reduced head counts and the pandemic… this is enough to make any organization feel overwhelmed.

Thankfully, Nutanix Healthcare solutions are a simple way to address your application and data center needs. By helping to eliminate infrastructure complexity via the Nutanix cloud and HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure solutions), Nutanix can enable you to meet your organizational  needs of the diverse and constantly expanding set of healthcare applications. Nutanix can also help you meet the financial needs of the organization by offering you a pay as you go model, that can help your organization preserve cash or to deploy those savings in other areas of great need. Let’s take a look at some of the things Nutanix Healthcare solutions can do for your critical business applications.

1. Significantly Simplifying Operations

Put simply, Nutanix can help you simplify operations across the board. With consolidated views into apps and VMs, servers, and storage across your environment, you can simplify your ongoing operations, plan for capacity, spin up application specific environments and even identify unneeded licenses to help save your organization money. 

2. Empowering Productivity Increase in productivity

Nutanix healthcare solutions can also help you increase productivity by delivering a reliable, consistent experience—so your users and IT team alike can stop combating technology and turn their attention to improving patient care.

3. The Benefits of Consolidating Workloads

With the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud you can simplify complex infrastructures to consolidate workloads via a single web-scale platform. Immediately after deployment, you can occupy up to 80% less virtual machine space versus your traditional infrastructure—all while leveraging VDI, EHR, PACS and VNA in the ways that you need.

4. Unparalleled Linear Scalability

Nutanix Healthcare solutions also provide the perfect way to finally gain linear scalability across your enterprise. You have the freedom and the flexibility to start small and scale performance and capacity one node at a time to meet your demands, regardless of how quickly those demands change.

Not only is this a great way to reduce upfront costs, but you also get to finally avoid over-provisioning.

5. Maintaining Business ContinuitySelf-Healing

Providing continuity in healthcare is paramount and especially trying in an age of increased ransomware threats. Nutanix healthcare solutions are built to always keep your applications and critical data available, with a self-healing platform, virtual machine-centric data protection and affordable business continuity. In addition, ComportSecure can team with Nutanix to provide BaaS and DRaaS solutions that fit seamlessly into Nutanix solutions.

6. Increasing Security When You Need it the Most

With HIPPA regulations and increase cyberthreats, it’s more important than ever to ensure your patient data is protected. Nutanix specializes in healthcare industry solutions and ensures that their technology enhances patient care while maintaining industry leading security safeguards.

Unleash the Power of the Cloud for Healthcare IT

Unleash the Power of the Cloud

Healthcare organizations are clearly evolving to find new solutions that enable their care givers while creating simplicity and efficiency for their technology teams. Legacy IT architecture simply isn’t good enough anymore. Healthcare organizations used to save money by holding off on technology investments. Now the reverse is true, if you aren’t investing in your technology, you are losing out on new efficiencies and cost savings while also impeding your ability to grow. 

In essence, this is why Nutanix Cloud is so important for healthcare organizations everywhere—it delivers the predictable costs and scalability you need to accelerate your digital transformation, regardless of the situation.

To find out more information about why you should consider Nutanix Healthcare Solutions for your applications, or to get a complete look at your Healthcare IT environment via an INFRAM assessment, contact Comport today.


Bill Flatley, Field CTO for Healthcare

Bill is responsible for technical strategies and recommendations for Comport’s Healthcare clients. His extensive experience includes four healthcare systems in leadership roles supporting Clinical Applications, Digital Health, and Office of the CIO as the primary liaison between IT and the business.

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