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Risk Management Experts Drive Customer Focus with ComportSecure Infrastructure as a Service Platform

CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions’ business is intrinsically tied to the IT infrastructure on which they deliver services. Serving multiple, highly regulated industries, CastleHill decided their own risk profile was too high to manage their infrastructure in-house. They made the decision to outsource to a trusted partner who could ensure 24x7x365 security, compliance, data availability and back-up/recovery capabilities. Read more to learn about ComportSecure BaaS and IaaS Platform.

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About CastleHill Managed Risk: CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions provides expert Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions for organizations operating in highly regulated industries. Founded in 2014, with offices in New Hampshire and Ireland, its clients are freed to focus on their business priorities with strategic support throughout the GRC journey. CastleHill’s clients meet existing and emerging risk management challenges with Professional Services, GRC as a Service offerings and Rescue and Enhancement programs.

“Our primary goals were to protect client information, free up our consultants and decrease costs for managing our own infrastructure,” says CastleHill Managing Partner Tim Carbery. He adds, “Our customers deal with government regulations, both national and international, that are constantly  changing. We chose to ‘eat our own dog food’ so to speak, and outsource our infrastructure management to experts in the field who are better suited to handle our requirements.” Read more about ComportSecure IaaS Platform

Evaluating a True IT Partner, BaaS and IaaS Platform

A 25-year veteran of IT consulting, Carbery had an existing relationship with the leadership at Comport, which put Comport on the short list of four vendors. After a three-to-four-month evaluation period, CastleHill determined that ComportSecure was the partner they could rely on to support their growth.

“There are lots of different providers out there, but after our due diligence we chose Comport. They were far ahead of the pack because they offered
so many options and opportunities with their ComportSecure services,” says Carbery. “They are not just a technology partner. They provided a level
of trust and accountability. Comport consulted with us as professionally and expertly as we do with our clients, to help us finalize our solution.”

The decision to go with ComportSecure was also based on the maturity of its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS Platform); its national reach; expertise in healthcare and insurance (two of the major industries that CastleHill serves), and ComportSecure’s reputation for responsiveness.

CastleHill also needed a solution that allowed them to expand their GRC offerings, create new revenue opportunities and ensure that their consultants could concentrate on delivering core value. “Is it important for us to be managing our infrastructure – or should we be concentrating on our customers?” Carbery says. “For us, the answer was clear.”

ComportSecure’s Role

From ComportSecure’s perspective, expertly delivering on CastleHill’s unique  implementation plan with a staged, parallel migration was “another day at the office.” Comport teams regularly deliver security and scalability  personalized to the entire life-cycle of their clients’ projects – from Day One and beyond. ComportSecure Director Hannah Coney says, “As a GRC  solutions provider and consultant with challenging clients in high risk industries, CastleHill’s infrastructure plan and service level agreement is proof that we can handle the most rigorous requirements out there. CastleHill is great to work with and we are honored by their trust in our partnership.”

Quantitative and Qualitative Payback

The results of the ComportSecure engagement have exceeded CastleHill’s expectations, according to Carbery.

They avoided costs of at least $400K and can use their ComportSecure-enabled infrastructure to expand GRC services, to drive approximately 50% revenue growth over the next three years. Carbery says that one of the most profitable results comes in the form of consultants who now can concentrate on their clients, rather than on part time responsibilities as infrastructure managers. ComportSecure’s IaaS Platform is housed in a Tier 5 data center that meets the highest levels of redundancy, availability, performance, compliance and security, allowing growth without concerns of hardware limitations and technical capabilities.

Carbery says, “One of the things Comport provided was enhanced infrastructure performance that we, in turn, use to grow our core business. We’re able to leave the whole infrastructure challenge to them, freeing us up to do what we do best—help clients.”

Coney says, “Our relationship with CastleHill will continue to grow through infrastructure enhancements and additional efficiencies. Our dedicated ComportSecure experts are always looking to improve the ways that infrastructure can become the lifeline for our customers’ revenue-generating possibilities. CastleHill received this benefit as well as enhanced security and IT operations.”

“We chose to go with Comport because we trusted them from the outset to intelligently migrate with us to the next generation of infrastructure, to
meet the needs of our most demanding risk management clients.” Tim Carbery, Castlehill Managing Partner

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