Boost IT Productivity by 40% with HPE GreenLake

As modern technology continues to drive IT teams away from legacy systems and toward modern solutions, in-house technologists face increased demands on their time and expertise. Establishing, monitoring, and maintaining a complete network of IT services is costly and pulls focus away from strategic goals that move the company’s bottom line. But just as technology has evolved, so have the standard practices that support it.

HPE GreenLake Boosts IT Team Productivity by 40%

GreenLake’s “pay-as-you-grow” solution paired with ComportSecure’s service allows IT teams to focus on the business initiatives that matter most to the organization. Businesses that experience rapid growth, those looking for additional agility and others simply looking to upgrade antiquated systems are faced with the challenge of rapidly changing technology often old before implemented.

The rip and replace of the past simply no longer works. Today’s technology needs flexibility to accommodate different workloads, work from home and rapid industry changes. In order to address this disconnect, many IT teams are turning to hybrid solutions such as HPE GreenLake as a Service.

Protect Your IT Team’s Time

With staffing shortages creating a strain on hiring, IT teams are looking for an experienced technology solution provider to free up their internal staff for important initiatives to support the business.

Capacity Planning and Management Issues

IT leaders often opt to overprovision as the lesser evil to avoid downtime. The problem is, much of the storage space goes unused, resulting in waste of resources, space, and energy.

Solving IT Problems with GreenLake

GreenLake’s hybrid solution solves both of these problems by offering a full range of modern technology wrapped in on-call managed IT services.

For example, HPE Nimble dHCI can be offered within the HPE GreenLake platform to allow you to scale your compute and storage separately, solving capacity planning issues. Additionally you get more insight into what’s being used via HPE Greenlake Central. You can then work with a technology solutions partner to wrap managed IT solutions around the HPE GreenLake solution, creating an “IT as-a-service”(ITaaS) solution. GreenLake’s platform coupled with ComportSecure’s managed IT services makes modern technology accessible to any business.

GreenLake as a Service provides businesses with flexible, tailored options designed to support them with what they need, without overserving them with excessive features. In growing businesses, in-house technologists spend more of their time working on administrative tasks rather than strategic development or implementation of initiatives that could move the company forward.

Boost Productivity and Spend Time Where It Matters

By using HPE GreenLake wrapped with managed IT services, in-house technology teams have peace of mind that their ongoing maintenance will be handled correctly, without having to spend the time on the tasks themselves, or any problem that comes up. According to research from HPE in 2019, in-house IT teams that utilize products like GreenLake are 40% more productive, and that extra time can be spent on the tasks that actually matter to the bottom line.

Other Benefits of GreenLake as a Service

Additional benefits of GreenLake as a Service include:

  • Immediate Scalability: When using GreenLake, businesses can immediately utilize additional storage or services, without needing to manage logistics, acquisitions or any of the traditional tasks associated with scaling up.
  • Financial Flexibility: Businesses only pay for what they use, which means they are avoiding wasted costs while leaving the door open for future growth.

Explore GreenLake as a Service for Your Business

GreenLake provides the flexibility businesses need to grow and the freedom IT teams need to focus on strategic initiatives that matter to their businesses. With reliable, flexible access to hardware, software and deliverables, in-house technologists are freed up to be more productive and strategic in their roles.

Combine cloud-like flexibility and on-premise control with HPE GreenLake managed by ComportSecure. Contact us to test drive HPE GreenLake today.


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