Dana Tarlow, New Account Executive hired at Comport Consulting

What do Steven Tyler (from Aerosmith), radio broadcasting, and Comport have in common? The answer is Dana Tarlow, Account Executive here at Comport and one of the newest members of our team. Seems like a random combination? As Dana tells it, everything has come full circle in the way that she landed here at Comport. “I’ve spent the past 8 and a half years working in the staffing industry but I started out in radio and entertainment and spent a good chunk of my career in marketing, advertising and new business development,” recalls Tarlow. “An old friend from the music business introduced me to Mike (Michael Vencel, President) and Joe (Joe Zinna, Vice President of Sales, East) and that’s how I learned about Comport.”

Dana Tarlow, putting passion and energy for technology solutions to work!

So how does Steven Tyler fit in? One highlight from Tarlow’s radio days was interviewing celebrities and rock stars, such as Tyler. “I was at Steven Tyler’s house interviewing him and reporting for an event for one of my radio stations,” she explains. “It was a really special day, he’s a really great guy.” Between her radio work and her husband’s work as a producer/ engineer/lawyer with his own recording studio, Tarlow crossed paths with all sorts of personalities including athletes and musicians. “We would have different guests daily. I remember Ozzy Ozbourne. His jewelry was even more impressive than Ozzy himself! It was definitely interesting,” she says. Her outgoing personality and high energy made Tarlow a natural fit for the media industry.

That passion also extends beyond Tarlow’s work life. “We are very outdoor, active people,” she says about her life with her husband and 15-year-old son. For the past five years, she has ridden in the Pan-Mass Challenge, a 190-mile bike ride through the state of Massachusetts that raises money for Dana Farber Cancer Institute. “My mom passed away of cancer when I was 31 so it’s something I’m very passionate about.”

Tarlow eventually left the media industry to focus her energy on sales and business development in the staffing industry. She’s a natural connector with a wide and deep network of contacts. “I’m an only child so friends are very important to me. Throughout my entire life, I have collected people,” she says. “Whether it’s friends from grammar school, first grade, high school, college, radio colleagues, my staffing colleagues–once you’re in the web/network of mine, I tend to keep you for a long time!”

That vast network has served her well in her career and will be a valuable asset in her work here at Comport. Only a month into her new role here, she is excited about the work and the opportunities to help more people. “Comport was an easy choice for me because the portfolio is vast and there are so many different technology solutions and tools in my tool belt,” she says. “If somebody has a security challenge that keeps them up at night, if they’re dealing with storage, hardware, or software needs, there are so many solutions that I can now help provide them.”

From day one, Tarlow has been inspired by the dynamics she has found in her team members at Comport. “Welcoming is the first word that comes to mind. The entire team feels like a team and they’ve all done their part to make me feel really welcome.” she says. “Everyone I’ve met here – no matter what their position is–they’re smart and passionate. And that’s how I run my life. If I’m not passionate about something, then I shouldn’t be there. I think this quality sets Comport apart.”

Want to talk to Dana about Comport’s Technology Solutions? Reach out via LinkedIn or email.

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